Monday, July 7, 2014

Digital Crafting with RubberMoon Stamps

Hello Everyone, It's me, Jeannie, with another creation using RubberMoon Stamps.

Today, I am using Barb Roger's Party on Wheels stamp.

To start off this digital creation, I stamped the trailer in black ink on white paper.

Next, I scanned the image and opened it in my photo editing program.
As you can see, it did not scan perfectly, so I needed to adjust and do some fill in and clean up on the image.

Here is the image all cleaned up and ready to go.  To use stamps like this and color them in, the way I do, I have to make sure that all the lines touched another black line, so that the color I used to fill in would have a stopping point.
(I hope that makes sense.)

After I did the digital coloring, I played around a little with some preset brushes and this is the final product.

Then I had to lift, for lack of better words, the image from the background so that I'd be able to move, just the trailer without the white background the original image was attached to or part of.
(Again, I hope that makes sense.)

Next, I found an image I wanted for my background. Then I altered it to my liking, as seen below.

Next, the FUN part!! 
Add your sentiment/phrase.
The beauty of creating digitally, you can use any sentiment you want!

After the background  was done, I dropped the trailer on the background.  
I fine tuned it by adding drop shadows, etc. to the image and phrase and this is the final image.

I printed 3, 4 x 6" images on one sheet.

I then cut out a trailer from one of the images.

I applied ink around the edges to add to the depth when used as a 3-D effect.

Then, I put all my pieces together and created a quick simple card.

This is a tri fold card and was a bit difficult to photograph.

You can see how the trailer image is raised in this photo.

This is how the card looks when opened.

Here is the inside of the card...

Bonus side view  ;)

Since I did not use the 3rd image for the card, it becomes a Postcard! 
 It is sized perfectly and has a fun image and sentiment, in addition to meeting postal standards!

If needed, I could have made the trailer bigger or smaller for whatever project I was using it for.
That is the beauty of creating digitally with your craft stash and RubberMoon Stamps.

I hope you enjoyed my post today.  

Have a wonderful week.


  1. Such a perfect project for those of us with wanderlust always lurking nearby. Thanks for this creative adventure!

  2. Great Job fun to see my stamp used in such a cool way!