Wednesday, July 23, 2014

A Cloth Frida Pin

Hi Lovelies!  Let me introduce myself, in case you don't know who I am.  I am mischievous Maggie Barbour and I'm a mixed media artist.  I have been making things since I was a tiny girl, when my momma taught me to sew a button onto cloth at the age of three.  I LOVE all mediums and flit from one thing to the next, often incorporating mediums together.  

Other things about me?  I play the mandolin and love all music, but especially bluegrass.  I have three rescued chihuahuas and a fat min-pin, five hens, and a cross eyed cat named Cricket.  I love to garden, so excuse the condition of my hands in the photos on this tutorial.  

My tutorial is on how to make a Frida Folk Art Pin, using RubberMoon's Frida Stamp, because I love all things Frida!  So let's get to it!

Frida Pin


Muslin (size depends on the size stamp you use or size of pin you want to make)—cut 2 the same size
Scrap piece of print fabric, or solid color (same size as your muslin)
Needle and embroidery thread
Staz-On stamp pad
Colored pencils, I used Prisma Colored Pencils
Pin back

Supplies I used to make the pin.

Finished Pin Front

Finished Pin Back

 Using Staz-On stamp pad, get your stamp good and inky!  My stamp pad was a little dry, so my image wasn't as crisp as it could have been.

Stamp image on muslin.

Cut stamped image piece, MAKING SURE you leave an EXTRA ¼ of an inch all the way around to be folded over later and stitched down.  You can just eyeball it, this isn't rocket science--tee hee!  

Cut an extra layer of muslin the same size.

Cut print fabric the same size.

Color image with colored pencils.  After coloring, I blend the hard edges of coloring with a white Prisma colored pencil.  If you color over the stamped lines, you may want to use a fine tip permanent marker to go over some of the stamped lines that may have gotten covered by colored pencil too much.

Lay your print fabric WRONG side up.  

Put the plain piece of muslin on top of the wrong side up layer.

Lay your stamped and colored piece “pretty side up.”

Get your needle threaded with the embroidery thread and make a knot.  Fold the edge of your choice over about ¼ of an inch over the top of your stamped layer.  This is what helps make the “frame” around the pin.  The layers make a nice little edge to stitch around.  

I let my knots show, and the raw edges of fabric, and intentionally made my stitches messy to give it a folk art look.  I like color, so I changed colors of thread as I went.   Just whip those stitches around the edges!   If you are a tidy person that can’t stand that look, hide them on the backside.  Or if you know how to do a blanket edge stitch, you could do that, instead.  

Continue folding the fabric over as you go and keep on whip stitching.  You might have to take a few extra stitches on the corners.

Sew a pin back on to the back of the finished piece (you can get them at just about any arts and crafts store, Wal-mart, Joanne’s, Hancock’s.  Heck, even some dollar stores carry them).  


Wear your new pin!  And when people ask where you got it, tell them you bought the stamp from RUBBERMOON, made it YOURSELF, and there is a tutorial on how they can make one for themselves!

Also, imagine the possibilities if you did some beading on this little pin!  Or if you hung some dangly bits of trims and fibers!  Or…ooo…ooo!  Or added little charms or buttons!!!   Or sewed or glued lace around it!   I get so excited!!!   Oooo!  They could also be hung on a necklace chain or sewn to a ribbon to become a cool choker!  They could be sewn or glued on to an art bag or hat!  

Have fun!

Love, Mischievous Maggie Barbour


  1. Not only a wonderful piece of art to wear but a fantastic tutorial!! Thank you so much for sharing your time and talent with RubberMoon!

    1. Good fun! Thank you for the opportunity to share some fun with others, and your kindness! =)

  2. Such great pictures! Such an awesome project!!

  3. Now I can see why Jeannie DeGruccio likes this pin, because it's in her signature polka dots. I think you have just inspired me. I think I have some white with black polka dot material around and I'm pretty sure I have a lady bust stamp I can use as well as some Stazon. Thanks! :)

  4. Yay!!!!! I am so happy you girls like it! It is a fun, quick way to get creative! All hail to the polka dots! I love polka dots!!! And a fun way to use your stamps and get to see them throughout the day as you wear the pin! I mean, seriously, who can get enough of looking at their stamps?!? =D

  5. This is so wonderful Maggie and so YOU! Thank you for the work and time involved in sharing this with us. I hope you will consider being part of the Creative Team some day!

  6. Mandolin! Ahhh be still my heart. I play the oboe 'casue I lack the eye/ hand coordination required for a complex string instrument. I love the sound, oh my!

    Your tutorial style rocks! Frida has lots and lots of fans (moi). I am wild about the bright string with polka dots.Can't wait to see more inspiration from you! Thank you.