Wednesday, June 18, 2014

"My Girlz"

RubberMoon is pleased to have Nicci Dot CA as our guest artist today! Her work is so whimsical and today she's sharing some of her "Girlz" with us. See the note from Nicci below as well as an interview conducted by artist Melanie Statnick earlier this year.

From a young age I have been in ‘creation mode’.
My subject matter has been pretty consistent since I was 5… cartoon style bunnies, cartoon girls, cartoon bunny-girls… lol.
I have spent the past few years building up a print and greeting card collection with my favorite images and have found this to be a fantastic way to share ‘My Girlz’ with the world.
Currently there are over 40 unique cards in my greeting card line and 15 prints which are popular sellers.
When I create, I focus on fun, bright colors with ‘girlz’ ranging from Whimsical Princesses to Sexy Bombshells to Steampunk London Ladies to Fluffy Nibbling Creatures.
In 2013 I brought out a line of ‘Glitzy Galz’ postcards along beginning the creation of a colouring book titled ‘Dreamcicle’.

On pretty much a daily basis I enjoy working on my soul (feel good in the art community) by hosting/organizing ‘Into the heART’ ART RETREATS in Western Canada.

Here's the interview with Nicci:

1. Please introduce yourself. Who, where you are from, where you live?

My name is Nicci (aka Nicci Dot C. A. ). I was born on Vancouver Island in sunny British Columbia, Canada back in the early 70's and I am now lucky enough to live in South Surrey near the beautiful White Rock Beach in mainland B.C.

2. How did you get your start in Art Journaling?

My good friend, Violette ( introduced me to art journaling back in 2007. I was grumbling one day about how my house was starting to become over-run with painted canvases and she suggested that I begin working out of a journal. That was the same glorious day that she let me try out her Twinkling h2o's.......YUM!  ( They are wonderfully juicy, shimmery water colour paints. They are so  vibrant and work wonderfully with Golden fluid acrylics.

3. What size of Journal do you prefer to create in and why?

I prefer to work on 7 x 10 inch pages. I have many journals ranging in sizes, but I seem to keep going back to the 7 by 10's. I believe it has a lot to do with my main subject manner. I am always sketching girls, my Glitzy Galz.  :)  They tend to end up with hair the colour of flowers in the sun and eyes that glint with the starry sky.

4. Do you set a goal to journal every day, or do you have to be in the mood?

Every once in awhile I will try setting a schedule to work by, but I always end up breaking free and just creating when the moment moves me. It must be the Gemini in my blood.

5. Do you keep a travel journal and tool kit with you?

I do not always have my art tools on me, but it I am spending a night or more away from my home & studio, or know that I will be sitting somewhere for at least 30 minutes, I do pack a small journal, a col-erase sketch pencil, a black fine/medium liner marker and either water colour pencils or water colour crayons.

6. Where do you get your ephemera from and what do you use to adhere it with?

I am not a big ephemera Artist. I love looking at it and collecting some peices, but I have a really hard time using it as part of my mixed media work. I look at everything as a creation that someone else has made and it seems like I am crossing a line by altering it. This may seem weird, but I also have a very hard time using pages or part of a page from a magazine. I think of all the photography, desk top, and design work that the creators went through to create it and sympathize. Bizarre, I know. I cannot even pull a head of an old doll or take a watch Therefore, I use fabric pieces or I make enlarged photocopies of my older journal pages and cut them up to use on new journal pages. I also like to use bits of scrap-booking paper. My fave product to adhere these media treats is GOLDEN's Acrylic Glazing Liquid in a satin finish ( I find that the gloss finish tends to make the finished pages stick together.

7. What organic objects have you used in your journal to create interesting texture?

I recently made my own molding paste with some baby powder, white acrylic paint and modge podge. It works great when pressed through a stencil. Then when I dry it with my heat gun, my studio smells like a cute powered Just kidding, but it does smell like baby powder. I know, I know, it is not exactly organic by any means.

I have also saved some black coffee from our coffee pot in a glass for a few days. As it begins to evaporate out of the glass, the coffee colour becomes more intense and is then ready to use as a water colour paint.

8. Name some of your challenges as you begin a new page and what prompts do you use to move past them?

A challenge for me is doing something on my page other than a girls face. They are just like an art journal security blanket for me, therefore I sometimes embellish them with outlandish make up and jewelry etc to help push my boundaries. If I am stuck, I actually turn to my favorite movies or searches in Pinterest for inspiration. Some movies I have put on for background ambiance are Momma Mia, Coraline, Pretty In Pink, Alice In Wonderland, etc. I love works Tim Burton and John Hughes. I actually have a folder on Pinterest called 'Creative Inspiration' (

9.  Name some of your must have tools and/ or mediums you use in your art journal.

My red col-er col-erase sketch pencil, an eraser, my water colour paint brush filled with GOLDEN titan buff and water, a black medium tip permanent felt, GOLDEN acrylic fluid medium in satin and some water colour or mixed media paper.

10. What technique have you found to be the most difficult for you?

Lately I have been overcoming the challenge of creating my own art stamps. My carving skills still need quite a bit of practice, but I love the outcome so far.

My challenges are usually not geared to techniques being difficult, but a fear of trying new products/techniques. Last Summer I was gifted with a 8x10 inch gelli plate and a large brayer.  They have yet to come out of the package. They will soon though...I promise. I would also like to try image transfers. Those will be two of my goals for this summer.

11. Do you write in your art journal like a diary? Or does your art you work inspire you to write?

My journals are mostly filled with art. I usually do not add text, as that way I can pick out some of my favorite images and turn them into art prints or greeting card images. This way, with the use of Photoshop, I can add in the text I wish to incorporate into my images.

12. What tips do you have for the beginner?

Fear not, jump in with both feet and just create … after all, it is just paper. There are no mistakes in art. Art is whatever comes out of you. Plus you can either share it with others or keep to it yourself as a place you can safely escape to when the time is right. Art Journaling is a way to travel without leaving home.

I hope I managed to give you a little insight and inspiration today. 
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  1. Wonder-full! Thank you so much for sharing your journaling ideas and your fun Girlz with us!!

  2. Yeah! It looks great! Thank you so much for letting me play with a few of your stamps and then showcasing my work.
    Have a Happy Creative Day!!!


  3. Nicci is an awesome human being! So thankful to know her (and her whimsical art) personally.

    1. Jeni,
      Thank you for the kind words, you are an awesome human being as well :)
      <3 You!

  4. Such an incredible post. So much work went into this! You are an amazing artist. I am just floored! Thanks so much for sharing your talent with us!!

    1. Thank you Jeannie :)
      That means a lot to me that you enjoyed my work.