Thursday, June 26, 2014

"Divine Guidance" Journal - with Rubbermoon stamps!

For some reason I love using RubberMoon stamps for my creative angel work. I like coming up with new ideas for creative spiritual-related projects for myself. And the RubberMoon stamp library has so much imagery that just relates so well to spiritual imagery.

Here is one stamp which especially intrigued me when I first saw it, and knew immediately I had to do something fun with it: "Messages From the Center of the Universe."

I like to keep a journal I call my Signs and Wonders journal to keep track of messages I get from the Universe. Mainly synchronicities.

For this project, I thought I'd do an artsy version of it, and see what it would be like to art journal my messages for a while.


  • Board book, peeled - or of course use any blank book of your choosing (sketchbook/recycled book). See Tammy's explained technique from her blog post.
  • Mod Podge: waterbase sealer, glue & finish (I used this to dress up the cover)
  • Metallic gold tissue paper (or other color of your choice)
  • Glue stick
  • card stock
  • Metallic gold craft paint (I used this to dress up the edges of the pages)
  • Oil-based metallic paint marker (for accents)
  • Gouache paints (for inside pages)
  • Watercolor brushes
  • "Messages From the Center of the Universe" LARGE RubberMoon art stamp!

I was inspired by the "peeled book" technique explained in a recent post by Tammy Vitale. I just had to try it, and after reading her blog post I began peeling books immediately to prepare my blank canvas for this project!

I decided for MY book, I wanted to dress it up fancy, so I grabbed some metallic tissue paper, scrunched it up by hand, and Mod Podged it all over the cover of my peeled book (using my bare fingers to paint the glue overtop my crinkled tissue paper). I have since had to press the book to get rid of the slight bowing that happens from this step - so if you don't want to deal with that, I suggest dry pasting collage (glue stick) or just painting a light wash of Gouache paint colors to your liking.

I let this Mod Podge stage dry overnight, to ensure it was dry before working more on it, cutting the stray tissue edging with scissors.

Rubbermoon stamp time! Very carefully, I stamped my large "Messages" stamp on a matte piece of card stock to add for the cover:

Cut out the stamp design to make a circle piece for the cover. I used scissors, but feel free to use an Exacto knife if you prefer.

Embellish the design with an oil-based metallic paint marker (gold):

Use a glue stick (or scrapbook tape) to adhere the circle shape to your cover.

IF YOU LIKE... feel free to paint the edges of the pages as well, with metallic craft paint. I just felt like trying this, to fancy-up my book a little more. Yeah, I was getting a little gold-crazy, I guess:

Yay! Time to have fun with the INSIDE!!
I wanted to see how Gouache paint would work on this highly-absorbent surface. It worked like a charm! I love the textures that come from using this type of paint on this surface. It made a beautiful, colorful base:

Add collage, or just keep painting/marking. Markers would dry out fast on this highly absorbent surface, so if you want to try it, use your child's markers, not your expensive ones. A cheap felt tip marker works well, too, for journaling/doodling! A glue stick or double-stick tape would work best on this surface for collage, to keep it dry and manageable.

I thought it would be fun to use my particular journal, here, as a way to keepsake my Angel Cards that I draw for myself occasionally. I like to see patterns of messages that come up over a period of time, and doing this in journal format is a good idea! It's easy to use more of my favorite Rubbermoon stamps for this process as well, as I continue on this "Divine Guidance Journal" journey!

Article By Wendy Fedan


  1. Really love that you looked to a previous project from our team to come up with this! It is really wonderful and I cannot wait to try one myself! Thank you so much for the great inspiration and sharing creativity!

  2. Love all the gold and the interior pages are stunning as well! Love how you stamped of=ver the center binding.