Monday, June 9, 2014

Copic Clean Up with RubberMoon

I am a Copic marker enthusiast and instructor, but I am willing to admit that I have been neglecting my markers!  Not that I have been not playing with them, but that I have not been maintaining them as I should.  Many of the caps are full of ink that can build up and eventually clog the tips, effecting the markers performance.  I decided this summer I need to get on top of it and clean them out!  Might as well do some coloring on the way though, right?

This is a fun way to clean up your markers and to get a little play time in while you do it!  You will need a few mesh Copic markers, I am using B02, Y26, E07, R29, and R22.  I also need my Colorless Blender marker.

For the rest of the project I am using Memento ink in Tuxedo Black, Ranger necklace charm and also Glossy Accents not pictured.  The stamp I am using is Kae Pae's Spread The Love - Art Stamp.  Not only do I love this little bird, it fits just right into the necklace charm that I want to fill.

Step #1 - Stamp your image multiple times on a sheet of white cardstock or your favorite coloring paper.

Step #2 - Lay the necklace charm over your image and trace around the outer edge.  This will give you a very basic guide for your coloring>

Step #3 - Remove one of the lids of your B02 marker, I am using the brush end because this is the messier end on my markers.  

Step #4 - Using your Colorless Blender scrub across the ink build up in your marker cap or on the marker body.  Notice that the ink is now on the tip of your Colorless Blender.

Step #5 - Use the Colorless Blender to color your image.  The great part here is that the color will fade out as it transfers onto the paper creating a beautiful blend into white.  Continue picking up color and transferring it onto your images until the color area you are working on is complete and your marker is clean.  My blue cap filled in 3 sky areas and is now looking a lot better!

Step #6 - I used R22 and R29 to color in the heart in the same way.  (To get these markers clean I would be able to color about 30 or 40 hearts so I did a little extra cleaning with a cotton swab and rubbing alcohol.)

Step #7 - Use E07 for the belly and Y26 for the body of the little bird.  When you have colored all your images and gotten your markers clean you can just scrub off any excess left on your Colorless Blender on a sheet of scratch paper.  Now it is clean as well!

Step #8 - Next I trimmed out my little bird images cutting inside the pencil lines.

Step #9 - Add a blob of Glossy Accents directly onto the inside of the charm.

Step #10 - Press the stamped image, face down into the Glossy Accents.  You will have some seepage around the edges o the image.  Use a finger to smooth the excess across the back of the paper.

Step#11 - I ended up with 3 necklace charms and a lot more little birds that will be ready to hop onto a card, or craft project and a few markers that are looking a lot cleaner!

Happy coloring and stamping!  Hope to see you later this month over at my blog to do some painting with Copic Inks.


  1. Absolutely LOVE these. Great project and wonderful tutorial!!

  2. love this stamp! you are so right that it is perfect for a charm or a small necklace focal. Thank you for sharing!

  3. OMG! What an awesome idea, thanks!

  4. Cleaning never looked so fun! Great idea to make a seemingly dull project into a play opportunity.