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Friday, May 16, 2014

This was a very fun Rubbermoon Project for me. I have created many Vintage Trailer Paintings on Cradle board, so one day I thought it might be cool to do an entire piece using only Rubbermoon Stamps for my images. Above is the finished painting. 

Before I began the really fun stuff, an amount of prep work needed to be done. Above is a 10x10 Cradle Board,  PVA  Adhesive, Scrape Book Paper with Text, a File and Roller. 

Spread a thin layer of Adhesive onto the cradle board then remove all bubbles and creases with the Roller. Use the File to remove edges that extend outside of the Cradle Board. The next step will be to apply a thin layer of White Gesso (watered down) to the surface. 
                   NOW FOR THE REALLY FUN PART!!!!
This is my image after I picked out the Stamps and composed the  painting. I used a total of 11 very cool RUBBERMOONSTAMPS. I will list them at the bottom of this tutorial. 

Using Acrylic Paints, I decided on the basic colors of the Caravan. 
You will notice that the far right Trailer is Behind the Fence. There is a trick to creating this "look". After Stamping the Fenced Area, place a small Post-it note to the top of the Fence where you Do Not want the Trailer stamp to cover. Then apply the Trailer stamp over the Post-it note and also part of the painting that you want the Camper to actual appear. This is called "Masking".

                                 The FINISHED PAINTING

In order to get the look of the Text coming through the paint, apply some Rubbing Alcohol to a Paper Towel and and carefully remove pigment from the paper in desired areas. 

                       STAMPS I USED FOR THIS PROJECT

(1) Party on Wheels
(2) Fence Panel
(3) Moon Unit House
(4) Row House
(5)3 Story House
(6) Crooked Chimney
(7) Lovely Loft
(8) Little House
(9)Sun Sweet
(10)Seven Daisies
(11) Bunting Large

After seeing this Tutorial, I hope you will think about Creating your own Complete Painting using Rubbermoon Stamps for your Images. The SKY is the limit!
                              Until Next Time - Barb


  1. What a fantastic tutorial and darling artwork! Thank you so much for this!!

  2. I want to do something like this to put in my trailer!

  3. What is scrape book paper and where can you get it?

    1. Gay, scrapbook paper is just decorative paper that comes in EVERY color and pattern imaginable, used for cradmaking and scrapbooking but also for mixed media and collage. You can get it at any hobby/art/craft store or online... On Etsy or Amazon or at Michael's! Sooo many choices!! :)

  4. An excellent tutorial and enthusiastic showcase for Rubbermoon. How fun. xo