Thursday, May 1, 2014

Special RubberMoon Feature!

Hi! It's me, Kae Pea! I am here today with a very special blog post! It is just too wonderful to not share this here at RubberMoon Arts! The following is from Debra Valoff (founder and original owner of RubberMoon!!) 
Debra designed the Summer issue cover of RubberStampMadness Magazine and of course we had to share it with you all!! ........

May 2014 issue of RSM-Cover by Debra Valoff

My name is Debra Valoff and I'm a Rubbermoon addict. I've been stamping with Rubbermoon images for the last 21 years and I have loved them all.

I started Rubbermoon in 1993, right after we moved to north Idaho from Southern California. It was a wild and wonderful time right through September of 2012 when I sold the company to Kristen. Now that we live in Panama (close to Pedasi) I get to sit back and watch Kae Pea take Rubbermoon in wonderful new directions and, thankfully, stamp and play as much as I want!

*Debra will be back here as a guest artist on June 26th!!
RubberMoon's Founder and Original owner, Debra Valoff now living and playing in Panama!

Love you to the Moon & Back,

kae pea 


  1. Spectacular!!!! I love love love!!!

  2. I was introduced to stamping when I was pregnant with my last child, but I became an addict when I discovered RubberMoon, 17 years later and a craft studio full of happiness, RubberMoon is still my all time favorite

  3. This cover is awesome by the way, love it

  4. I agree, AWESOME cover art!!!

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  6. Nice necklace on the cover, Debra. Thanks for all the beginnings of what is, was and always will be the amazing Rubbermoon!