Thursday, May 1, 2014

RubberMoon and Polymer Clay

For my Christmas gift, my husband gave The Underground (craft studio) a make-over. The paper crafting area is completed; next he will build a counter desk height under which I can slide my many little plastic storage units. Of course the revamp requires cleaning and organizing. In one of the storage units I have polymer clay, mica powder, embossing powder and tools. I haven’t used these in 4 or 5 years. I was pleasantly surprised the clay is still workable.  I decided this would be a perfect time to play with RubberMoon stamps and clay.

On this one I used a repurposed tea sandwich cutter to cut some violet colored clay. I stamped it with Dave Brethauer’s Little House stamp and letters to spell home.  After it was baked, I felt it was a bit bland so I added some glitz with Lumiere Sunset Gold paint.

Sunny Carvalho’s Laugh stamp always brings a smile.  I stamped it on a piece of the violet clay and added some jewels. After it was baked, I outlined it with pens.

I conditioned some bright yellow clay, rolled it into a random shape and stamped it with Marylinn Kelley’s Art Set stamp. After it was baked I used bright Golden fluid acrylics to paint it. I really like how bright and cheerful it is.

I tried to do a bracelet and pendant, but wasn’t really happy with them. However, I liked them enough to be inspired to give it another go. Maybe it will be another post for RubberMoon or on my blog, Crafting fromthe Underground.
But what shall I do with these little treasures? Make them into magnets, of course!  
I hope I have inspired you to get creative with stamps. Hop on over to RubberMoon and see what you can find to stamp into oven baked or air dried clay. Visit my blog to see what other crafty things I am doing and watch the progress of the studio make-over.


  1. OH so cute and fun! We would love to see pics of your new studio!!
    Thanks Chris!

  2. Good job playing with a different media! I love polymer clay, but am too obsessed with using up all I condition-ThatDAY! Glad you are going to work on the jewelry aspect you found the sweet spot of Rubbermoon