Thursday, May 29, 2014

Mixed Media Ideas

May 30, 2014

A RubberMoon post by
Design Team Member Ali Gitt

I had the pleasure of attending Mindy Lacefield's  "Primitive Painting" class at Donna Downey's Studio.

It was a pure joy.

One day in class I brought along a few stamps to add to backgrounds and use in our journals.

And ironically all were Mindy's, but one:

1) bloom

So what better environment to enjoy them in!!  

Here are some examples:

One morning in class we were given a prompt to write about on deli paper... And use it in our work throughout the retreat.  So I decided to stamp several images on them as well.

And the results ended up on several of my pages including the above image of my cover page. 

Stamped on Gelli plate prints providing extra texture and dimensions to the face.
Then I simply added some accents colors to the face and shirt. 

Another face stamp was used as a template and painted. 

Incorporating stamps by using paint and creating background elements, 
 adds another layer to the work. 

Dark on dark is subtle while neon yellow in a dark sky adds a pop to the page. 

My table mate. Ellie. had a great idea to use the circle stamps for flowers with the bloom above it. 


Leslie used stamps to add that finishing touch to her pages.  

And others used them to kickstart a page by embracing the word. All are such great ideas!!

Thanks for stopping by and hope everyone adds some RubberMoon love to their projects.

For more details about Mindy's class, feel free to skip on over to origin~aLi~ty and take a look.




  1. Wow, such great art, Ali, thanks for sharing this with all of us!

  2. Looks like you had an amazing time! Beautiful work! Love how you used the stamps in so many different ways!

  3. wonderful! I really love the way the face stamp was incorporated into so many different looking scenarios - and that "true free spirit" phrase is truly inspiring!

  4. SOOO fun! Love that you shared this experience, love Mindy's stamps and YOU!