Monday, May 19, 2014

Jewelry for the Glampers

Today I have a fun project to share with all of you!
It is my own twist on the Zipper Bracelets that are popping up everywhere!
Since I am kind of making this up as I go along, here is a picture of some supplies I expect to use.

My RubberMoon Stamps will be stamped on some Shrink Film from Grafix Arts.

Here are the stamps I am using, a couple of cuties by Lindsay Ostrom
You need to stamp shrink film with a good solvent ink like StazOn.

The film is very smooth and the stamps can slide a little on the plastic, so stamp more than you will need, because you WILL smear some in the stamping process!

I used permanent markers to color the images in.  To make the polka dots, I used a blender pen to lift the color OFF of the image.

They are ready to bake.  Put them cut out shapes on a cookie sheet lined with medium weight cardboard and cover with vellum to keep the "curling", while cooking, under control

Here are the little trinkets.

Spray them with a sealer. Now on to the bracelet.

I have a regular polyester zipper and I have this rhinestone mesh that I am going to hand sew down one edge of the zipper.

Here is the sewing process.

On the other side, I hand sewed a ball type chain in place.

To seal the edges of the zipper so it won't continue to fray, gently hold it up to an open flame and watch the edges sizzle and seal.

Now you will take a crimp and crimp the edges inside the crimp piece.

Here it is all done, ready to be embellished.

Using jump rings and miscellaneous beads, and a lobster claw for the closure, to finish the bracelet to your liking. Adding the stamped trinkets.

Here you go a bracelet, every glamper will adore.

 These are a lot of fun to make!!  

This happens to be a gift for someone to remember me you think my friend will like it??
I hope so.

After I got done with this post..I had a couple of extra pieces of RubberMoon shrink trinkets from a previous project.  I have a 7 year old who has just started pulling on her eyelashes.  Since I have an older daughter who has struggled with Trichotillomania for the past 7 years, and has not been able to overcome it, I am a little worried about my 7 year old.  
I told her I would make her a soft bracelet and she needs to try and feel the velvet on the ribbon, rather that her eyelashes.  I made a big deal out of making and giving this to her, so here it is with a little bit of RubberMoon joy. 

I just love mushrooms and this was made with the Shroom Bloom stamp. 

I am hoping that maybe something little might help distract her.  We shall see, it is tough when you have a little one with a compulsion like this, but I am hoping to just redirect her behavior.
It doesn't hurt to try!!

I hope you have enjoyed my post today.
This has been Jeannie from The Polka Cabana with today's post.


  1. How timely, as I am just entering the jewelry craft world. Love this idea!

  2. SOSOSOSOSOSO great!! Thank you Jeannie!!!

  3. VERY fun!!! I will have to try this!!!

  4. They are both stunning and I would love to try both. Looks like an activity I could do with my girl's this summer!
    Your friend will LOVE it and I hope it helps with your daughter, I think it is a brilliant parenting strategy!