Thursday, May 22, 2014

Intuitive Painting with RubberMoon Art Stamps

                         Friday, May 23, 2014

Intuitive Angel Painting for Dawn Richerson
I've been wanting to experiment lately with creating artwork for my Angel Readings, something new I'd like to start offering to people. It seemed appropriate to use Rubbermoon Art Stamps for such a project.
You could create an Intuitive Painting for yourself by simply drawing cards from a card deck of your choice. They cold be Angel Cards, Tarot, or even something like Louise Hay's Inspirational cards.
Use whatever type of cards appeal to you, to use as a spiritual message to illustrate, or merely as an intuitive prompt.

Draw three cards (or more if you wish) and use your intuition to hear what the cards are trying to communicate to you. Sketch down words and images that seem to be coming through to you. They could even simply be words that are on the cards, or images that come through from the cards.


  • Watercolor paper of your choice (I used 140 lb 16x12").
  • pencil
  • Watercolor paint or Goache (I used Goache, just because I like the bright colors lately).
  • Faber Castell PITT artist pens (I used a combination of fine tip and brush tip)
  • Rubbermoon Art Stamps of your choice (I used the New Moon and Paint Spatter stamps).
  • Black (or other) ink stamp pad.
1. After you have your rough idea sketched out in your sketchbook or scrap paper, begin drawing your final sketch plan on the watercolor paper with pencil. Feel free to allow words into your sketch if you like, or keep your initial concept by your side to add certain elements with paint.

2. Paint directly over your sketch with watercolors or Goache.

3. Use the Faber-Castell PITT art pens for sketchy accents, if you like. Personally I love using markers, so I just couldn't help myself. Also by bringing in the black, I was easily able to fit my stampings into the painting using the black ink stamp pad.

New Moon and Paint Spatter stamps

I decided to use the New Moon and Paint Spatter art stamps because they perfectly fit in with my theme. I was already using the spattering technique in the painting, and I like the spiritual essence of the New Moon face. I decided this little face would be fun to add in secret places in the painting - as though they represented spiritual beings within the painting, lending their support to the person I was painting this for.
I decided to use the New Moon stamp for the "tree trunk base" - as if the base of the tree housed these wood sprites, sending their messages and support. I used a paper towel to mask off the edge of the trunk so I could stamp some of these as half-faces, showing that they wrap around the tree trunk. I added more lines with my PITT art pens to blend them in a little more, visually.

Then I decided to have more fun with this moon stamp and use it as a decorative element for the wings of the angel, pressing only half of the stamp down (angling it). I liked the accidental facial features that would show themselves through this half-stamp technique. I liked the synchronicity of that.
My final "play" with the moon stamp was to use it as a shape accent inside the crayons I drew and painted, again, using only a crescent of the stamp:
Then came play time with the Paint Spatter stamp, which I used all over the painting, stamping even when the ink was drying out on the stamp - I liked some spatters to be strong and some light, to create depth. The stamp worked so well with my painting which already had quite a lot of colorful spattering as you can see:

This is a fun way to explore with your art. I suggest you give it a try! And if you'd like me to create one of these for you, contact me through my website!


  1. Awesome concept, Wendy...Angel Cards! Brilliant!

  2. This is amazing! Love the concept and your art!!! <3

  3. Thanks everyone! This was fun!! :)

  4. I've had the ones on the left (Louise Hay) for years! How creative! Thanks for this idea. I knew I bought them for a reason, just took you and nine years to see it.

  5. am having a good time myself playing with multiples of one stamp - amazing all the ways you can work them. This piece and your concept are wonderful! Thanks for sharing!