Monday, May 5, 2014

Classic Black 'n White Fun

  I got some very special surprises in the mail this past week and I wanted to make some ATC's with these cool black artist boards from Inchie Arts

Black and White is classic anywhere. In clothes and art.  Using stamps from Jane Cather , Sunny Carvalho 

 I made this cute set of three ATC's. I added some bling to them.
 Oh Happy Day!


  1. Black and white is always a cool look! Thank you for sharing!!

  2. Very cute! I love the white on black.

  3. Black and white never goes out of style.

  4. I love white on black, too! Those images are very cool. They look great!

  5. Oh, happy day couldn't say it any better 'n this. The story is told very well with this lil' black and white stunner!