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Tuesday, May 27, 2014


Sometimes the simplest idea really hits the mark.  In late March,  I was scheduled to demo some of my favorite techniques.  I picked out a few but needed one more to finish up.  A few days before I was in a craft store and saw these black letters that were nominal in cost and had curly qs!  I was excited.  I love working with interference powders, paints, etc. 

I chose Perfect Pearls to work with but there are several other kinds readily available (Confession:  I also own all the Pearl Ex powders by Jacquard). Pearl Ex does not have a binder but Perfect Pearls does.  Either work well for this project because I chose to use a liquid binder, Future Floor Finish (also known as Pledge Floor Finish.  I worked mainly with four types and liked three out of four:  interference green, interference gold, interference blue, and turquoise ( a non-interference color). 

(FIRST PICTURE):  I put some Future in a cup and spot applied it to the letter.  Then I put my brush into the interference gold powder and applied it to the areas marked with Future.  I chose Future as my binder because I wanted a mix of translucent and opaque coverage.  (SECOND PICTURE): I used all of the colors mentioned above.  NOTE:  I did decide that the gold didn't give me the coverage I wanted so I took care of that problem in the next photo. 

I went to my tried and true bronze Golden fluid acrylic and reworked the gold areas.  The opacity of the acrylic really worked well with the shimmery nature of the rest of the powders. 

I let this sit about 10 minutes to dry and gathered supplies to collage the letters further.  I wanted a mix of fine line and bolder stamps to add interest to the letters, and, of course, a few special words.

These were the RubberMoon stamps I chose:  joy, spiral star, three rings, mod marks, seven daisies, and xoxo (not pictured). I also threw in my own be stamp. I grabbed a black StazOn pad as well.  It covers fine on top of the dried Future.

The designs stand out perfectly on the interference areas. 

Here are some detail photos:


I used Scor Tape on the back and placed the letters on my studio door before taking the beauty shot.  NOTE:  These letters are on sale every few weeks.  This is a quick project that looks far more complicated than it is.  It's great for anytime or holiday gift giving and easily to personalize with your stash of RubberMoon stamps in minutes.  I'll look forward to seeing mine every time I walk into my studio


  1. Love the colors! The stamps add the perfect texture!

  2. I always enjoy seeing mediums used in different ways - helps me see an expanded world of possibilities! Thanks!

  3. OKAY you KNOW I LOVE this!! My A-R-T letters are bald but maybe not for long now!! ~kp

  4. This is a spectacular idea. I have none of those "interference" items, so I would have to hit the stores again. ohhh soooo saadd. NOT. Thanks for sharing.