Monday, April 28, 2014

Rubbermoon Surprises for your Kids' Lunchboxes

Some friends and I were having dinner last night and my friends began to reflect on the days when they used to create little artsy surprises to add to their kids' lunchboxes. One of my friends used to draw pictures of horses and add one to her daughter's lunchbox every day. My other friend used to make little crafty things to add to her kids' lunchboxes. I was starting to feel inspired to try something like this myself, and felt it would be a fun project for Rubbermoon stamps!


  • Of course use whatever materials YOU happen to have lying around. Card stock is best to use as a base, to help make it more card-like.
  • construction paper or note paper
  • Kids' washable markers + a sharpie
  • Rubbermoon stamps of your preference - I used the "open arms" stamp (and scattered hearts too) and the girl holding heart stamp - a few of my favorites to communicate love!
  • Glue stick

1) To make this something artsy, I went to grab some light cardboard stock I had saved for random crafty projects, and some note paper to cut up.

2) Then I stamped the Rubbermoon images onto the note paper, and used the glue stick to adhere the note paper to the cardboard stock.

3) I enjoy using my kids' washable Crayola markers to color the images - the washable markers don't bleed on the note paper, which is great!
4) I added my own decorations and message to the image to personalize it. The kids will know it's from Mommy, so I didn't need to add a byline.  :)

5) Last thing was to add the little artsy surprises to the kids' lunchboxes. I hid Jack's in his sandwich box, and tucked my daughter's away in the pocket behind her cookie!

I enjoy fitting Rubbermoon Stamp rojects into my daily life, to see how I can fit creative pockets of time into my daily routine. It's a good way to spice up the day, and this particular mini project can be a GREAT way to boost your creative energy first thing in the morning!... And make your kids remember Mom is thinking about them while they're away!


  1. Great post, Wendy, kids will love getting nice surprises like this!

  2. Wendy, this is such a great idea. You think I would have thought of it by now!! Really sweet and thank you for sharing.

  3. Such a good mom, you are! One could also use this idea to make little romantic cards for hubby's lunch box.

  4. Surprise notes are the best from a loved one. This in a lunch box, would make my whole day!