Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Pattern Play

I adore Sunny Carvalho's art, so what better way to display her work than making patterns with her RubberMoon stamps.
 The first project was a short and simple one:  Framed Artwork.
Simply create a random design with Lucy Bird 2 stamp using Sunny Day from Studio Calico's Color Theory inks.  I intentionally left a space in the middle for one stamped image. I wanted it to be a brighter color to stand out. So I went with Studio Calico's Coral Bay ink.
Taking the acetate cover of the heart-shaped IKEA frame, I traced it with a light colored pencil, and cut out.  If you are worried about pencil marks, remember most frames cover the edge; however, you can always erase the pencil marks. I wanted the bird off center so I made sure there was plenty of yellow birdies covering the frame size.

Once finished, I placed in the frame and added to my collection of items on my TV unit.  This is such a simple and easy (and inexpensive) way to change out art for the seasons.  I love the birds because they are so full of happiness reminding me of the warm spring days to come.
Next up on my Pattern Play plate (say that 5 times! :) was acetate Project Life 3x4 cards/overlays. I am such of fan of Becky Higgins' Project Life as it allows for so much creativity and usage of stamps and embellishments. For this project I used Doodle Thing and  Lucy Bird 2 with Stazon Teal and Midnight Blue inks.
The end result of these journal cards is simply LOVE!!
I ended up with a space on my Doodle Thing card that wasn't big enough for another stamp, so the easy fix was slapping a cork sticker on it.  Love the contrast of colors.
For Lucy Bird 2 card, I made a stamped image that was really blurred (need a sturdy touch when stamping on acetate or slick surfaces).  Yet the easy fix was covering it with washi tape and another cork sticker.  Gotta love Happy Accidents!
 I adore how the birdies are flying one way and the arrow is trying to direct them in the opposite direction.  Those silly stubborn Lucies! :)
Last but not least.....
Clay PLAY 3x4 Journal Card.....
Yes, you can make cards from air hardening clay...
and what other stamp would I use for this other than the PLAY stamp.
I went with a DAS color clay. (This saves the step of having to paint the entire dried clay a darker color to bring out the grooves.) Also used a pre-cut journal card for a template.

Smashed a thin layer of clay onto the card.

Stamped a pattern into clay.
Trimmed the edges and let it dry.
Then paint gently with a dry brush over the top hitting only the raised elements. 

And with a little clay scrap left, I made a few Lucy's. Such fun!!
I completely adore these simple and easy project using RubberMoon stamps

Hope you enjoyed my first posting on RubberMoon blog. I TRULY DID :)

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  1. Such great, fun ideas, Ali, thanks for sharing them with us!

  2. I, too, love Sunny's stamps. They were well-suited to these projects. Great first post, Ali!

  3. I loved every project, Ali! Great job and thanks for sharing them with us all! Xoxo

  4. I am so glad to see the step by step progression. It's amazing what little pieces of rubber can create in the right hands. Your creating opportunity out of imperfection (washi over blurred lines) reminds us imperfection CAN be embraced. Sweet projects! In love with the clay.

  5. We love Sunny's stamps too and all the ways you used them! Thank you for sharing so many great ideas!!

  6. Wonderful projects. The clay bits are fantastic painted in those bright colors. xox