Friday, April 25, 2014


I absolutely love Buntings! They bring such celebration and festivity to all occasions. Or Buntings can bring joy to ANY TIME  that is not even a special occasion at all. I use them in quite a few of my Art pieces and many times incorporate Rubbermoons own stamp, Large Bunting in some of my Vintage Trailer Paintings.  In this particular Bunting,  I am also introducing my first few Stamp Designs for Rubbermoon Stamp Company and along with that a Wonderful Word Stamp "FLY" designed by fellow Creative Team Member, Nancy Curry.
My New Stamp Designs Above and Nancy Curry's "FLY"
I will try to give some what of a step buy step tutorial on the making of this Bunting. It mainly amounts to quite a bit of Cutting and LOTS of Rubbermon Stamps....and that is what we LIKE! I will list all the stamps I used for this project at the bottom of the post.
To give the Bunting some "substance", I gathered 3 pieces of Card Stock and Taped then together underneath with Wide Clear Packing tape to make a horizontal backing for the Bunting. I then used an already existing Bunting which I took from my very favorite publication, FLOW Magazine. I laid the Flow Bunting on top of the taped Card Stock.

I carefully traced around the Bunting with pencil, using a ruler to make sure the lines are straight.

After tracing the existing Bunting on to the Card Stock, I then carefully cut it out along the traced lines.

This Bunting consists of 5 different Flags. I then picked out 5 cool coordinating pieces of Scrapbook paper from my supplies. 
I placed the first piece of Scrapbook Paper under the Flag on the left hand side then cut it out also. Repeating each piece of Scrapbook paper for the remaining Flags on the Bunting. After tracing and cutting, I attached the Scrapbook Flags to the top of the Card Stock Backing.

The Bunting will look like this after pasting the Scrapbook paper to the backing. I promise in Real Life it doesnt look this blurry...promise.
Next comes the FUN part! I chose close to 20 different Rubbermoon Stamps to create fun images on my Bunting Flags.

For this particular project, I didnt want to paint the stamps. Instead I used Newspaper type print for Stamping,  and then cut each one of them out to apply onto the Bunting Flags.

On this Flag, instead of cutting out the stamped image, I added black Photo Corners to give it a Vintage Feel.

The Completed Bunting

These are all of the Rubbermoon Stamps I used for this project. I apologize some of them are sort of Messy. I play with them quite a bit! Below I will list all of these very fun Stamps. You can go straight to the Website to order your stamps to make The Wanderlust Bunting or you can pick out your own Themed Bunting too!



  1. I absolutely love this!!! Thank you so much for your wonderful and creative ideas!!!

  2. Love your entire thought process. Everything melds perfectly together to make quite the impression. It doesn't get better than this, Barb. You rocked it. Now I am going to get my wanderlust on and drive to Kimmswick and eat pie at the Blue Owl.

  3. LOL NANCY :) mmmm have fun!
    And BARB You have totally done a marvelous job!!! love this project and You!!

  4. This is incredible! Absolutely gobsmacked! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!

  5. I love that your stamps are all messy! And the bunting is very cute. Nice job and loved the instructions!

  6. Great inspiration here! I am thinking buntings for graduation parties, birthday celebrations, retirement parties........maybe stamped canvas buntings........Will be adding some of your vintage stamps to my collection!

  7. wonderful & thanks!

  8. LOVE this!! Excellent job Barb!!

  9. Wow - such a cool project - thanks for sharing it with us, Barb!

  10. I love this idea! We just got a Seasonal site at our favorite camp ground. I am going up to get it all set up next month by my self. This would be neat to put up for the first time my husband and kids come up.

  11. Thank you so much EVERYONE! It was LOTS of fun!

  12. Barb, I love your banners. They are just " too cool for school". I am not a camper, but I do like being outside. Viva the outdoor life.