Tuesday, April 15, 2014

A Sunny Hello

 Greetings all , I'm Published Artist/Writer Melanie Statnick from North Carolina with her very first post with Rubbermoon !   I hope you like bright colors and kitties .  I'm a huge cat fan. I have 6 rescue cats in my house. Yes 6, and they are all adorable and trouble makers.  Cats are smart and mysterious and I have been told "Never trust anyone who doesn't like cats"...So far this is a true quote.
 This card is made with Sunny Carvalho stamp (cats eye)   and let me tell you he's darn cute and I'm already picking up a buddy or two for him. I love a sweet orange tabby cat. I had one as long as I have been adopting . I couldn't wait to play with the Art Squares either. Stamp them,use markers, or paint them. When I get a new product to try  I'm trying everything. Here I used my juicy Big Brush pens. 
 I put together this card with ink sprays, scrap papers, Washi Tape, Big brush pens and liquid pearls.
 I love the bright yummy Summer colors here reminds me of popsicle's. 
Happy Creating!


  1. I love the bright colors! Very cute!

  2. Love these Stamps and Love your post Melanie. Wonderful!!

  3. You can't help but smile at this cute card Melanie, the cat is adorable and your choice of bright colors is so cheerful! Love it!

  4. We <3 what you have done with Sunny's stamp design AND these colors POP! Yay for rescue kitties too! Thank you Melanie for a great post!