Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Gratitude Jar FUN with Rubbermoon Stamps

My kids have been inspiring me a lot lately. They've kind of been overwhelming me, actually - they use the loose paper I have lying around the house, along with markers, tape, and scissors, and they've been making the most amazing inventions: Puppet shows, Leprechaun traps, Leprechaun costumes, hats, and various other paper thingamajigs they can imagine. It gets a little crazy.
I have actually found myself wanting to scream, "Will you please just take a break and watch TV for a little while?!"
Anyway, I've taken their cue to create something very simple using the same scrap paper they've been using for their costumes and contraptions. I've been wanting to make a Gratitude Jar, inspired my my friend Dawn Petrill's blog post, so here we go!
I decided to adopt the simple materials used by my kids, except adding my Rubbermoon Stamps and Faber-Castell PITT Art Pen (Mommy's materials).

  •  Faber-Castell PITT Art Pen (fine tip)
  • Rubbermoon Art Stamps - I chose two of my own Rubbermoon stamp designs: Girl With Arms Open and Hearts. I knew they would be PERFECT for this project!
  • Recycled peanut butter jar.
  • Scrap paper
  • Tape
  • Black ink stamp pad
  • Scissors

STEP 1 - Measure scrap paper to wrap around your jar.
STEP 2 - Start stamping, and decorating/drawing!

STEP 3 - When you're finished decorating, use tape to attach the scrap paper after wrapping around jar.
STEP 4 - Cut a batch of paper into small slips - to be sure you have no reason not to get started writing down your daily gratitude notes.

My friend, Dawn, chose to deposit a gratitude message every day - write just ONE THING you feel grateful for each and every day, for a year. At the end of the year, she had a wealth of gratitude to sift through and remember. It's a wonderful thing to open your gratitude jar and remember the GOOD TIMES.
One thing I'm grateful for is my pair of creative kids who continuously inspire me every day. Thanks, kids, for keeping me creative!
The kids and I with our St. Patrick's Day scrap paper creations!


  1. Love this, Wendy! Will have to share the idea with my grandchildren; maybe next year for Lent.

  2. Love the idea and of course your stamp designs!! What a fun thing to do with the kids! thank you for sharing. xo