Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Bunny Butts

I absolutely love Easter for so many reasons, but mainly for two things:  bunnies and colors. I can't get enough of either.  Now, I like ALL bunnies, but I especially love the ones that are on the plump side so when I saw this Rubbermoon stamp, I knew I had to celebrate the holiday with it. My own frolic stamp was an afterthought, but what else would plump bunnies do but frolic

Materials:  white glossy paper, matting papers, white folded cardstock, Derwent Inktense, black  StazOn

Stamps used:  bunny butts

The card itself came together with leftovers from my classes.  I use a lot of dye inks with Cut n Dry Foam.  When I am done with my projects, I let the inks dry out on the foam for about a week.  When completely dry I rewet the pad with a spritzer and then take prints from it that leave a ton of white space.  This is the piece that I stamped the bunnies on.  It fit with my Easter theme perfectly.  Once the bunnies were stamped in black StazOn, I used four different Inktense pencils dipped in water to get that vibrant color on the tails.  I repeatedly stamped my frolic image and mounted for a festive springtime look.  I wonder where they are going?  Are they gossiping? OOOOO....maybe to an egg hunt!!!  My last favorite part of Easter..............

       H A P P Y    E A S T E R     &     H A P P Y    S P R I N G


  1. oh, this is just TOO CUTE!!!! love it Nancy!!! :D

  2. Cute bunny butts. Nice colors and these bunnies give good butt.

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE your Bunny Butts Nancy!