Friday, February 28, 2014

Think Spring!

Sweet Little Bird 
Mini Canvas

Good Morning!!
and RubberMoon Art Stamps. Today I would like to show 
you how to create a sweet little bird painting on a mini canvas.
My preoccupation with Spring continues.
 I just can't help dreaming about the longer, warmer days
 when the birds will be singing and flowers will be blooming.
 In the following tutorial we will be working with
acrylic paints and a sweet little RubberMoon Art Stamp designed
by your's truly and a mini canvas.
 I have really had a great time using these little canvases. 
You can experiment all you want.
 When you are done you have a tiny creation 
for adding to existing wall arrangements. 
Or, as you experiment and collect them, you can
create a decorative wall ensemble.

Let's Get Started!!
Start your mini painting by applying a dark 
layer of paint on your 2x2 inch canvas.
 I got my canvas at Michael's Art Store.

Here I applied cream in a corner and then used
**Special note- watch the little Henri Motif stamp (in the lower right corner of the canvas) slowly disappear during the creative process. This was not planned. Originally I wanted it to show through the transparent gel medium. However, as things moved along it became apparent that the little shape would not work with the rest of the composition. Artistic license took over and the little shape gradually disappeared.
 Cie la vie
No problem
Sometimes art will dictate itself


The shape needed some extra paint to make it darker.
 I used a rigger brush.

Next I applied a thick layer of Gloss Heavy Gel. 
As you can see, it goes on white. 
When dry, it will be completely transparent 
with a very shiny finish.

Next I apply a layer of Burnt Sienna using a 
very stiff, scratchy brush-the best kind 
for achieving texture.

Next layer is done with turquoise and dark lime green.

Then, add some, cream and french gray blue.

Here I applied some white paint to the same
 stamp I used earlier 
 Just using this stamp to get some added
textural effects.

 Here I created a bird shape with a 
stencil I made from a manila folder. I chose only one 
of the birds for this mini canvas. I also added
 branches using the rigger brush I mentioned earlier. (Not shown)

More stamping done 
on the edges of the piece 
and some detailing. Very small, pointed brushes 
work best.

A sweet little bird just waiting for Spring to make an appearance.

Many thanks for visiting RubberMoon's blog page. It was so much fun creating this tutorial for you to try. I hope you have enjoyed it. If you should have any questions, just leave them in the comment box.

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You will find oodles and oodles of amazing artsy stamps in addition to the stamp used here.

This is the last post in the series of tutorials with RubberMoon Art Stamps. This experience has been nothing short of wonderful. I have enjoyed myself immensely. I feel like I have a group of new friends. The only thing left to do is get together-for real!! Many thanks to everyone who has been so supportive. I have learned so much from amazing team members and supportive viewers. 
Until next time.........
Happy creating!!
Teresa :-)))
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  1. Once Again Teresa, a beautiful piece of Art and a fantastic Tutorial. You have been such a wonderful, positive and very talented part of the Creative Team. You will be REALLY missed. So glad we got to connect here. I am looking forward to seeing all of your furture art and funny & poignant posts on Fb. Im glad I have a new friend in you. xoxo Barb

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