Tuesday, February 25, 2014



                             It all started with a little grey skirt.

                            A skirt that had a lot of sentimental value.

        but so unassuming it was relegated to the closet wallflower  pile.


                                       until today...

                    today that little grey skirt finds her destiny...


 see, this little skirt just happens to have a lovely little liner underneath...

                      and I just happen to have a pair of scissors

                        how convenient! (or tragic, depending on
                                 how you look at it) hee-hee

                                   no fear, just chop chop!!!

                 why yes, this is exactly how my bangs looked as a child...
                                    I still have the touch!

                                          carry on!

                            my favorite things!!!!

                            vintage papers!!!!

                           Rubbermoon spiral pod stamp!!!!

                           Tim Holtz Distress Ink from Ranger Inc!!!!
                            exclamation points!!!!


               begin by random stamping on vintage paper...


                create a 'reverse contrast' print

                          with white ink

                      stamped on dark paper

           I  just tore a page out of a magazine for this

    *(make sure ink is dry on glossier paper before copying)

  trim strips from stamped magazine page and place on vintage paper



           add some fun little 'scatter marks' with a sharpie

             arrange your stamped papers

             face down in your printer,

            put transfer paper in paper tray
           * I used 'Tailor' iron on sheets from Michaels

              then hit 'copy'!

             by the way  -  using 'reverse/mirror' feature on
             copier prevents words transferring backwards
            Below are my printed copies...COOLIO!!!!!!



           now just put pattern face down on fabric, and iron!

             pull paper up and there you go!!!!!!

            * sometimes the pattern will just partially transfer

                                  no worries!!!!
                                 it simply adds character


       I made 3 transfer sheets, adding some of my own artwork

                                   to the mix

                   now it's time for 'cut & paste'!!!


         if you sew, feel free to stitch your little heart out.

                           I am much better with glue...

         I embellished  and bedazzled with buttons,

                   sparkly ribbons, and raggy strips,

       including some cool mesh from Linnie Blooms!


              and yes, my patches are also are pockets...

    and here ends the tale of how little gray wallflower skirt
            became the 'life of the party apron',
       and lived an artsy bohemian life happily ever after.


          *find fun stamps at rubbermoon.com

         * find more treasures at linnieblooms.com

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  1. OMG This is SO great! Thank you for a brilliant idea that sparks a kazillion things in my head! And so much FUN!! XO

    1. Thank you !!! I love the word 'kazillion' ! :D

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  3. WOW!!!! Inspiration galore!!! Such an amazing project with so much good information! Thanx so much, Lor!! Top notch!! :-DDD

  4. I love this apron. I love Bohemian.......:)