Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Bejeweled Bliss !!!


This project is HIGHLY ADDICTIVE!!!!

        I am not kidding. Continue reading only if you have 
  very strong willpower,
   a little place to create,
 and a penchant for all things 

 Cuz we are going to make some 'out of this world' 
      from a couple of awesome RUBBERMOON stamps!!!!!

first, you need a stamp or two...and a hunk of Sculpey Mold Maker Clay,
         and a package of white Fimo clay or Sculpey clay.

                   knead the molding clay to soften it, roll it to about 1/4 "
                          then simply press your stamp into clay.
                     I am using a pair of faves from Rubbermoon,

                               'spiral pods' ge2482a
                              'mod marks' kp5098c

*ahem - it's obviously been a while since I used my studio toaster oven
                   it's such a perfect sized cubby for colored pencil tins...

                                         ok, pencils OUT,
                                   prepared stamp molds IN!

                       just follow directions on package to bake.
                keep an eye on 'em. They brown up pretty quick!
                        generally as soon as you turn your back.

     *ventilation is a good idea too, there can be fumes while baking.

        Your home oven will work just fine too, but I prefer to bake
                   inedibles in a designated studio oven.

visions of my hubby nabbing one, eating it, and telling me how good it is
                   might have something to do with it too.

                     ok, yeah, I turned my back...they're a bit overcooked.

                                   but no worries! they're just fine!

give 'em a quick dusting of talcum powder to discourage stickiness...


               grab a piece of your white Fimo clay, knead into little balls,
                           and press balls into molds, then gently remove.
                               the molds are flexible, so this is easy


here's a few out of their molds... trim off any excess with a sharp knife,


                                 then pop them into the little oven -
                                     and don't turn your back!!!!!

                    after baking and cooling,  paint metallic gold!!!!!

                    define raised areas by rubbing with shimmer dust.
                       I used Pearl-Ex copper and bronze powders.
                 I  glued vintage paper to back of rectangular pieces,

                          and glued pendant bails on to attach necklace chain.....

                                 now..... MUST ADD SPARKLES!!!!
                              ( oh, you had to know that was coming )


                              assorted bits and baubles help inspire....

                                          and here we go!!!!!!

                                     but we need another layer...


                                        yes, that will do nicely!!!!

                                        how about another layer?


                                    one of my veryvery FAVORITES!

                                      insert one of the flower jewels
                                 wherever you choose...and you have

                      *****  refined + re - purposed vintage rosary  *****

                                    ALL TOGETHER NOW!!!!!



Now that you are addicted,  I invite you to peruse rubbermoon.com

 where you can indulge yourself in a world of wearable sparkling


       visit & follow my blog, sparkly-heart.blogspot.com
       or find my art on ETSY- searchbar -  sparklyheartstudio (one word)

go create something. lori sparkly


  1. Ok. We already were so smitten with your work but now, we are just IN LOVE! Such a crazy good tutorial and awesome project we can barely stand it!!! Thank you, you shiny SPARKLY star!

  2. aw, THANK YOU Rubbermoon! The 'smitten-ness' is MUTUAL!!!!!! :D Your cool stamps make all things seem possible!!!!!

  3. Wow!!! Awesome, Lor!!! You are The Bomb!! Amazing tutorial!! Amazing projectYou definitely are THE Queen Of Creative Fun!!! Muah!!

  4. thank you Sweet T!!!! it was a fun project!!!!! xoxoxo

  5. You just keep bringing it! Love this one!

    1. Thank you TracieMartha!!! :)
      There will be a class!!! Xoxo

  6. I just am amazed. This is so creative and I love the finished product. Great job Lori.