Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Baby It's REALLY Cold Outside!!

"Beautiful Blizzard"
At this very moment I am working in my studio. A perfect way to spend the day when being outside is not even a remote possibility. All schools have been closed. The high temp for the day is well below 0 degrees! Baby it's REALLY cold outside!! No use complaining (even though I do!) Instead let's work on a wintery art piece with the help of RubbrerMoon Art Stamps and some homemade stencils.

The Under Painting
Below is a photo of the initial stages of an acrylic painting. You start with a canvas the size of your choice. Here I used an 8x10 inch canvas. You will need acrylic paints-French Blue Gray, white and cream. The paints with a more liquid consistency work best. Here I have used a handmade stencil shaped like a white pine tree. I also used a stencil with a filigree type design. These will be part of the under painting. The colors used for the under painting were a variety of medium toned colors with a small amount of warm colors like Burnt Sienna and Yellow chre. The trees were created with very dark tones like Burnt Umber. The filigrees were done with French Blue Gray. The best brushes to use are stiff bristled, scratchy type brushes. They work best for achieving the wispy brush strokes seen here.

Handmade Stenciling
Next is a photo of stylized circular shapes created by cutting out a stencil from a manila folder.
Think "airy energy." Situate the circles all around for a light airy feel- blizzardy.
There are also stamps available for this airy effect. Organic Circle stamps can be purchased from Sweet Mare Studio just call 218-590-8484 or from RubberMoon Stamps by clicking on this link.

This is the type of brush that works best. Stiff,bristled and flat.

Now it's time for stamping! Below is a photo of a stamp from RubberMoon. 
It is called Inksplat. It is sold on the RubberMoon website. Simply click the Inksplat link.
 The color used here is French Blue Gray. Stamp your entire canvas to suggest wintery/snowy shadows.

Time to start painting your pines. The brush that works best is a pointed, round brush. Here I am painting suggestions of tree shapes in white. These stand out against the medium toned background colors and also tie in nicely with the stenciled circles.

Continue painting..........
Use your French Blue Gray to add trees that tie in the blue "snowy shapes."

More Stamping.......
This time with white paint.
 all around your canvas.

And Voila!!
A wintery, snowy, blizzardy painting!

Many thanks for visiting RubberMoon's blog page. It was so much fun creating this tutorial for you to try. I hope you have enjoyed it. If you should have any questions, just leave them in the comment box.


 Visit  this wonderful company, RubberMoon Art Stamps http://www.rubbermoon.com/
You will find oodles and oodles of amazing artsy stamps in addition to the darling chicken stamp used here.


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All the very best!-Teresa :-D
Experiment and enjoy!


  1. Love the layering especially. This is a knockout!!!

  2. Your Painting has made Rubbermoon Blog SHINE! WONDERFUL WORK and great tutorial! Beautiful.

  3. Miss T, thank you for showing us how to honor a frosty winter by seeing it through your eyes, and turning it into a beautiful painting.
    Marvelous and magical! Love. xoxoxoxoxoxo