Friday, December 27, 2013

Stamped Spring Tea Cookies !!!!!

Winter is already bringing on a longing for color...

and it's not even January.

yet, here we are surrounded by
mile-high snowbanks 
and icicles the size of Cleveland.

So though I must concede to winter.
 I can find joy in the tiny perks that
                                                           winter brings.

I snuggle by a crackling fire,
 curl up with a colorful magazine and dream of hollyhocks in the garden,
 prepare a perfectly perfect cup of steaming tea,
 fill the kitchen with the fragrance of sugar cookies
fresh from a warm oven 

and with the help of Rubbermoon Stamps, turn the cookies into colorful flowers.


begin with your favorite sugar cookie dough 
and a cute little flower shaped cookie-cutter.

I used an adorable bite-size, that way I can justify eating more...

use Rubbermoon stamp to emboss center of flower before baking

bake as directed,
cool for a minute, then gently re-stamp if necessary...

you can serve them at this point, depending on how hungry you are,


if you can't leave well enough alone (like me)

you can decide they should have some razzle-dazzle.

as far as I'm concerned, everything always needs some razzle-dazzle.

 and you
 fill center depression with icing...

and wait
and wait
and WAIT
for icing to harden so you can 

add the dang razzle-dazzle.

*really experienced bakers know all these icing things, but you can already tell I am not a whizz in the baking department - I used pre made cookie dough...

ok, eventually the icing will harden enough to stamp on.
but remember patience is a virtue.

so then you take your nifty food-grade MARKERS ( such a brilliant baking tool, whoever thought of this deserves a crown. )

and just color the stamp


if there are any cookies left by now, ( well, that's what happens when one has to wait for icing to harden...cookies innocently disappear ) then go ahead and add some colorful little candy centers using a dab of frosting for 'glue'.

pour a cup of tea,

and enjoy your

Spring Bouquet!!!!!

and now, here's a random picture of a cute hedgehog ornament on our tree.

taken while waiting for icing to dry. :)

find all sorts of cool rubber stamps that you can do really cool things with at Rubbermoon

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  1. YUM! A deliciously fun way to stamp out the winter blahs! :) thank you Miss Sparkly!

    1. Your mmmph welchom....nom nom nom... (mouth full of cookies) :D

  2. First, let me just say, that hedgehog is so stink'in cute!! And as for your cookies...YUMMO! I love when people think outside the box and show other ways to use their beloved stamps!!

  3. Love this Lori! I am on vacation doing a little catching up. Just read this amazing post! SO cute and creative!! Love!!