Monday, December 9, 2013

RubberMoon loves Tombow! #tombow100

Hi. It's me, Kae Pea! I was pretty thrilled when Tombow asked me to join in on the 100 days of Tombow blog hop! My participation in this hop helps a great cause ($100.00 worth of product to the Council for Arts Education for each person participating) and well, you know that I love a good artsy challenge! I have used and loved Tombow products for a good number of years and RubberMoon Art Stamps and Tombow supplies are a match made in crafting heaven!

Tombow sent me such a nice package of things to play with, including Tombow dual tip markers, a Stamp Runner adhesive roller and a wonderful box of Trojiten colored pencils. Aren't they great?
Products from Tombow
 As soon as I saw the great box that the pencils came packaged in, I knew I wanted to make a travel art box!!

So I got started right away....I pulled out a few extra materials....

Materials used in this project:

1. Tombow Dual tip markers (in assorted colors)
2. Trojiten Colored Pencils from Tombow ( and I used the box they came in to create this project!)
3. Tombow Stamp Runner adhesive roller
4. white glue
5. white gesso
6. a flat paintbrush
7. a few RubberMoon stamps (including a small Ultimate Red Rubber Palette)
8. (2) pieces of coordinating decorative papers and a scrap of cardboard (for insert)
9. assorted colors of acrylic paint
10. a black inkpad

I cut my scrapbook paper to size and a piece of cardboard to line the inside and set it aside.
    I opened up the box and laid it flat. I  brushed white glue all over the outside, making sure to cover the entire box.

I covered my entire box with one piece of decorative paper. (though you could collage lots of different pieces too.)

Make sure your paper is smoothed down well and glued on all edges....

Next, I used my Tombow Stamp Runner adhesive and ran some adhesive on my cardboard insert and the inside flap of the box so I could line both with more of my coordinating decorative papers.

Adhere your papers...and glue your covered cardboard into the bottom of the box.

 YAY! Now the box is covered inside and out and it is time to Stamp, play and COLOR!!!
I dry brushed avery small amount of white gesso onto my outside cover. I just did this to break up the pattern of the paper a bit so my stamped images would stand out a little better. I was very sparing and only did very light coverage.

and then...I stamped my chosen RubberMoon Stamps using black waterproof ink.

and colored the images in using my Tombow markers and colored pencils!

I also took my favorite paint splatter stamp and "inked" it up using acrylic paint.
I squeezed out a bit of paint onto The Ultimate Red Rubber Palette and spread it out evenly using a sponge brush to make a thin layer of paint. I then tapped my stamp onto it to get paint onto the stamp...

I repeated this process three times with three different colors of paint (cleaning the palette between paint applications). It added so much fun, colorful texture and was just what I needed for my artsy pencil case. See?

I finally added just the right sayings to the back and the inside and then filled it with some art supplies to take along with me so I can make art and journal wherever I go....

back of my artsy pencil case
front of my artsy pencil case!
Ta da!! 

 RubberMoon + Tombow = Paper Craft Love

 I hope you enjoyed this project! I know I sure did!
Thank you Tombow!!

Sending Moonbeams,

Kae Pea


  1. Oh my gosh!
    This is absolutely adorable!

  2. I love this! Tombow pencils and markers seem really cool! Thanks so much for posting such a creative idea!

  3. How fun to see the row of tools brought out to play. A great project. xo

  4. Hmmmmm....I might have to try these.

  5. Wow, I loved this project Miss Kae Pea, especially since I have one of the Ultimate Red Rubber Palettes and now I know what to do with it!!!! :D Thank You!!! love you, love Rubbermoon!!!!

    1. oh there is MUCH more about THAT coming SOON!! xo

  6. VERY, very cool! I've been wanting to get that "pens/pencils" rubber stamp. What a great way to use that one!!