Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Henny Penny Christmas with Teresa Kolar

Let Your Colors Do The Talking!!
Bawk Bawk!!

Henny Penny Christmas/Holiday Greeting Card

Hello Awesome Artsy Friends! 
Teresa Cox Kolar here with RubberMoon Art Stamps!
I am so excited to show you this fun way to create a Christmas/Holiday composition on a blank greeting card.

"Let Color Do The Talking" is my title because as you can see the materials I have chosen have been arranged to suggest a particular Christmas icon-
the Christmas Tree! 
This tutorial will demonstrate how "thinking outside the box" 
can be so much fun with whimsical results. 

I often tell my students, "all we need are the colors that send the message-in this case- Christmas. 
Red and green say Christmas as clear as a bell! 
So the materials for our composition are unlimited 
because the colors have defined everything else for us. 
With that being said, 
in this tutorial, 
shape is important as well....

 All we do is stack some chickens on top of each other, 
color them red and and green and
A whimsical Christmas/ Holiday greeting card. 
Love it!


This project was a bit nostalgic. I used materials that
 reminded me of my childhood. Many of these things you 
probably have around the house, especially if you
have children. 
I created the Henny Pennys in this
tutorial using the RubberMoon Art Stamp shown above:

Step 1- Stamping
Start your greeting card by stamping a row of 3 Henny Pennys. 
Draw  lines with a straight edge for a guide. You can
erase them later.

Step 2-Coloring
Continue as shown here. Color in your Henny Pennys 
with a green Sharpie marker.

Step 3-Add detail

Add to the Christmas Tree shape design using red dots to contrast the chickens.
I have added very small green dots also.

Step 4- Adhere to card stock
Here I am showing you the backside of the paper with the chickens on it..
As you can see the sharpie ink bleeds through-alot! You could use
a different type of marker that doesn't bleed so much.
I chose Sharpie because the colors are much 
brighter. When you work on the paper then, glue it to your card, you
avoid ink bleeding through to the inside.

The choice of glue is very important here. 
Use a glue stick or some type of adhesive that will not ripple the paper.
Do not grab your Elmer's glue or any other liquid type of glue.
It will ripple your paper.
(Sorry that sounded a bit bossy. 
But, really, you don't want to ripple all your hard work. Believe me, I've done it)

Step 5-Add Glitter
Outline the edge of your art work with red glue.
 I used glitter glue. It was what I had handy.
Instead I would recommend using Elmer's Glue 
(for this part liquidy glue is a good thing).
Glitter glue is quite difficult to keep tidy. It is difficult to get a nice straight line.
I would recommend doing a line of Elmer's then sprinkle
the glitter on that. The good old fashioned way.

Photo #2
Dry your lines with the blow dryer. Be very careful. 
Glitter glue takes a very long time to dry.

Step 6- Correction (if needed)

This step is a lesson on how to correct a spot in the art that turned out unsightly.
Look at the first and second photos  in step 5. The bottom row has two chickens that need
a re-do on their faces. If this happens to you, simply stamp on another piece of paper, color in the area you need for the correction, cut it out and glue over the unsightly spot(s).
Add a gold star at the top with a dab of red glitter and

Many thanks for visiting RubberMoon's blog page. It was so much fun creating this tutorial for you to try. I hope you have enjoyed it. If you should have any questions, just leave them in the comment box.


 Visit  this wonderful company, RubberMoon Art Stamp Company http://www.rubbermoon.com/
You will find oodles and oodles of amazing artsy stamps in addition to the darling chicken stamp used here.


Find more of my art on my blog: http://teresacoxkolar.blogspot.com/
Also, check out my Etsy shop: http://www.teresaketsyshop.etsy.com
All the very best!-Teresa :-D
Experiment and enjoy!


  1. What a darling chicken tree. My SIL would love it she has a bunch of chickens in her yard. So charming. xox

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE this HEN TREE!!! Merry Christmas to all of your GIRLS Teresa!

  3. OMGoodness!! A Christmas card to Bawk about!! We love your creativity and wonderful sense of fun! Merry Chickness!! xo

  4. Wow, Miss Teresa!!!!! This is SO FESTIVE AND WHIMSICAL!!!!! I love the upside down chicken at the top, and the polka dots- especially the tree trunk!!!! LOVE IT!!!!! xoxo

  5. How cute! I would have never thought of this!! GREAT use of the henny penny stamp:)

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