Friday, January 10, 2014


"I AM MY ART" Mantra
I love making Block Art from some of my Favorite RUBBERMOON STAMPS.  I made this particular piece by using two different Very Cool stamps and just a minimum amount of supplies. In case you haven't noticed yet, I like to keep things "simple".  The first thing I will do, is list the Supplies you will need to make "I AM MY ART".

                         (1) 4in by 2 1/2in. Wooden Block
                         (2) Black Gesso
                         (3) Decorative Scrap Book Paper
                         (4) Watercolor Post Card or Paper
                         (5) Black Photo Corners
                         (6) Watercolor Pencils
                         (7) I AM MY ART.. Coolest Stamp Ever!
                         (8) ART SET..Cool Cool Too!
Supplies I used for "I AM MY ART"


The first step is to use Black Gesso and cover Front, Back and Sides of Unfinished Wooden Block and let dry. Cut out Decorative Scrap book paper just a "wee" bit smaller than the Wooden Block and Paste to top surface.

Cut out Watercolor paper yet even smaller than the previous scrap book paper. Apply the Stamps to your desired area on paper and paint away! I also added Watercolor to the edges of the Scrap Book Paper to give it a Vintage Feel.  Place Black Photo Corners on each corner of the Water Color Paper and Paste onto the right edge of the Block. I do not center the Painted piece in order to add more interest. There you have it! A very Artsy Wooden Block to display in your studio or office!
                                Till Next Time - BARB


  1. Somehow you always make things so YOU! Very charming and happy!! Love it and Thank you so much!!

  2. This is pretty cool. Thank you for sharing your process. :)

  3. Ok.this is beyond anything I could come up with. Gesso? I thought that was ice cream stuff!? This is just amazing. Love it Barbara.

    1. Yes..BLACK GESSO and I LOVE it! Thank YOU!!!

  4. This looks like so much fun and it is also beautiful!!!

  5. Barb, this is just AWESOME!
    Love how you create an amazing project with a minimum number of supplies! :)

  6. Oh I just love this Barb!!! Black gesso is so fun to work on, what a great way to create a perfect 'frame' for your art!!! xoxoxoxo

  7. I have never used black gesso, Barb. As usual you have inspired me! oxox
    Nice job!!