Tuesday, December 31, 2013

ANGEL Gift Cards! - Using Rubbermoon Angel Stamps

This season, I found myself in the awkward position of losing my job two weeks before Christmas, so I've had to resort once again to creative ideas for Christmas gifts.
As a Certified Angel Practitioner, I recently made the decision to use a specific card deck as a GIFT CARD DECK for on-site Angel Readings I do for people. So I thought it would be fun to send a different kind of "GIFT CARD" to my Angel Friends for Christmas, and to launch the New Year!
I ordered a batch of Angel-themed rubber stamps from Rubbermoon a while back, intending to make a bunch of angel ornaments out of them. I thought it was time to use them for this project.
First, here are the Rubbermoon stamps I personally recommend from the Rubbermoon library to feature in "Angel Gift Cards:"
 How to make Angel Gift Cards:

1. Grab a BLANK note card. You can decorate it yourself, like I did, using this technique in a previous project, or just use a nice note card you've been saving for a special occasion. Something angel-themed would be nice, of course, or get creative with it!

2. Decorate the envelope and inside of note card before you start writing and adding your angel card. I chose a couple different stamps I felt worked nicely together as a theme. For the envelope, I simply used the angel with crossed hands, and embellished with marker to make clouds around her. For the inside, I thought it would be fun to make an angelic image from Adele, woman's face, by adding a wing and decorative halo using marker.

ADELE stamp with marker embellishments
3. Next I took out my angel card deck that I save strictly for gifting cards. I sit down in a quiet place and set my intention, focusing on the person I want to pull a card for, asking the angels what message they have for the special person I am gifting this card to.
Select a special card deck you will use strictly for gifting.

Set your intention and focus on the card deck before shuffling/drawing.

4. Use whichever system you prefer to pull a card from the deck for your special person. When you've drawn the card, use scrapbook-style photo corners or simply cut corners from an old envelope to attach the card to the inside of the note card. I prefer to do this, so the receiver can remove the card if he/she wants, to keep somewhere special. The corners act as little corner POCKETS to secure your angel card.
I simply clipped corners off an old envelope.

Use tape/double stick tape to adhere clipped envelope corners to note card.
5. Slip the corners onto your angel card and press onto inside of note card to secure. Then add embellishments with marker or rubber stamps or other art materials around the angel card to "frame" it for an extra-special presentation. Also be sure to write a message to the recipient about the card. You could write your impressions about the card you pulled for them, or leave it up to the receiver to receive their own impressions. Tell them to meditate on the meaning of the card - ask them what it means to him/her.

This is something I have really enjoyed doing for my angel friends and to other friends open to this kind of gift. It is also a nice idea, if you are an Angel Reader, to gift something like this to your clients as a thank you, a birthday gift, Christmas card, or something to launch the New Year!


  1. Love the concept and love the positivity. What a great way to showcase the angel stamps and your heart at the same time. Happy New Year, Wendy! Good things will surely come your way.


    1. Thank you, Barb!!! :) <3
      Blessings to you this year!

  3. You are a gift my Dear Friend!!!!! Again, thank you so much for the beautiful card and message! As well as sharing how you came up with this and did it. Wonderful idea!! Love it! And so does Emma!!! She sends her love as well.

  4. What a beautiful and thoughtful gift...in presentation and spirit. kudos to you Wendy!!!!

  5. We just love your thoughtful projects. Your gifts and cards are very inspiring. It is so cool the way you use RubberMoon Art Stamps! Thank you so much for sharing your talent!

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