Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Your RubberMoon Tuesday Post: Instructions on how to create Painted Pony Power! from Teresa Cox Kolar and Purple Sun Studio!

Mixed Media Painted Pony

Hello and welcome to my first ever art tutorial! :-D 
I do a lot of teaching but, 
have never considered myself a writer/blogger.
 With that being said
I am excited to show you my process for
creating this 5x5 inch mixed media painting. 

Here we go-wheeee!.........:-D

Kristen of  RubberMoon and I met only
a few months ago. Kristen was conducting a workshop at
Lori Sparkly Franklin's studio. It was at that workshop that I fell in love with
RubberMoon Art Stamps.  So, this 
"RubberMoon Creative Team Adventure" is new and exciting and I am loving it! 

First Phase Materials

Time to get down to serious fun. 
My favorite kind!

Begin your painting with these materials
1/2" deep, 5"x5" gessobord
Naples Yellow acrylic paint
Burnt Sienna acrylic paint 
I have used Golden and Liquitex paints here. However, other
 brands of acrylics will work just fine.

Under layer

Apply a smooth under layer of Naples Yellow.
(Can't help thinking this little bottle of paint looks lonely-lol). 
Any type of acrylic brush will work for this step. This is a nice opportunity to
experiment a little. See what kind of brush you like.
Extend your under layer all the way 
around the sides.

Each new layer must be completely dry/ "bone dry" before
continuing with the next layer. Using a blow drier is a great way to
save time.


For the next step you will need your Burnt Sienna paint, 
a rough paint brush (one with hard, scratchy, bristly type hairs. 
I save my worn out brushes for these textural treatments like the one shown below). 

Apply Burnt Sienna over the yellow with a nice rough
brush using very light and wispy
brush strokes. Using your brush with this technique will
produce this textural over painting allowing the beautiful yellow to show through. 
You will need to apply your paint sparingly and often. Building up to the look
shown above.

Next, prepare to get a little bit messy. Now it is time for a nice dark color like
Burnt Umber Light on this Linnie Blooms Mixed Media piece. Use the 
fabric like you would a stamp. Your fingers will 
get full of paint. No worries. It will wash off with
soap and warm  water.

Apply this to your canvas like a champ!
I mean stamp!!

This is the lovely result. More wonderful and unique texture!

More layering

Now apply another layer of Naples Yellow. Use a stiff, rough brush. Apply very light and wispy strokes. Gradually build up the application of paint until it covers the surface with some of the
colors and textures from beneath showing through.

Woop Woop!!

Next apply Burnt Umber Light or any very dark (not black-too harsh)
paint to this RubberMoon Art Stamp 
Use this wonderful stamp
randomly, varying the position of the 
stamp around your painting.

(Little confession-this pattern has always 
been one of my very favorites! I bought this stamp
from RubberMoon and now I can use
it whenever I want, as much as want, how ever I want. Muaaahhh! 
I can get a little revved when in the creative process).

A little more layering
(layering is one of my favorite things- can you tell?)

For the last layer, apply cream colored paint. Again, use your stiff, 
rough brush with wispy strokes.


Now it is time for your stencil. This is a hand cut stencil I made myself.
I made it from a manila file folder. Simply sketch the figure you would like
and voila! You can use the stencil again and again.

Apply a layer of gray paint using a stiff stencil brush.
  Less is more here. 
Too much paint will squish under the stencil and result in an unattractive, 
globby outline. 


Make the image more sharp with an additional
layer of paint applied with a soft bristled, pointy paint brush.
(Oops! Please excuse the blurry picture. 
My photography skills can be a bit lacking at times) lol!

Nice crisp looking under layer of gray. 
(Thankfully a crispy-I mean crisp! photo as well). 

Next apply a layer of earthy red with a soft, pointy brush.

 And finally a layer of cream.


Like so! :-)) 

For shading, add a little of the gray to your cream. 
 Use a very small, very pointy brush here.
Leave the 
mane and tail of your pony gray for now.

More Stamping! :-D

I used this little sweetie pie RubberMoon Art Stamp 
for one of the very last details-impressionistic moon shape.


Add details that you desire with your small pointy paint brush. Here I have enhanced the pony
 with some shading, spots, facial features and added wisps of cream and white in the mane and tail. Some careful wisps of cream and white around the legs with your scratchy old brush, little dots for some added pizzaz - Pony Power!!

More Ponies!

These are additional Painted Pony compositions using
different color combinations. 
The main thing to remember is to have fun!!
When making your own stencils you are free to make anything
you want-flowers, fish, trees, birds-anything. RubberMoon Art Stamps and Linnie Blooms Mixed Media Products add to the creative experience! Visit both of these wonderful companies at http://www.linnieblooms.blogspot.com/and http://www.rubbermoon.com/
Experiment and enjoy!

Find more of my art on my blog: http://teresacoxkolar.blogspot.com/
Also, check out my Etsy shop: http://www.teresaketsyshop.etsy.com
I am on Facebook too: Teresa Kolar and/or Purple Sun Studio
All the very best!-Teresa :-D


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