Tuesday, November 5, 2013


I am sooooooo happy to be a part of the Rubbermoon Creative Team!!! Why, you ask?

because I truly cannot contain myself when it comes to TEXTURE in my paintings...
and RUBBER STAMPS are PERFECTO for all kinds of groovy patterns!

(and rubber stamps are like chocolate...one can never have enough...)

Allow me to show you why texture bedazzles me so.....

I begin with a 6"x6" canvas and assorted supplies.
a happy gathering of stamps, ink, paint, sparkly bits, -  the whole 'kit & caboodle' 

*and of course, a  1920's vintage advertisement for washing your undies...
cuz you never know what direction this project may take...

First, I 'frost the canvas' with a layer of Liquitex light modeling paste medium...I use a thin trowel, but anything with an edge will work - I have used a piece of cardboard in a pinch.                                                    I really should own stock in this product  - it's completely addictive - consider yourself warned...

just smooth it on, no need to be perfect. Dont'cha just love when someone tells you it's ok to be imperfect???  I do.

now, the FUN begins!!!!!!! 

Press a square into center of canvas.......
then LIFT it back off...........

I am THRILLED with how this Matboard Square (above) from Inchie Arts LLC
works like a charm!!!! 

I mean, just LOOK at the pattern after 'liftoff' !!!! I wasn't initially sure where I was going with my center image before I pressed the Inchie Matboard Square, but now I clearly see a branch-like pattern...

I am going to rotate it so it looks like a pretty little winter scene...and that way I can add sparkle without guilt. hee hee.

it could also easily translate into an underwater scene with seaweed...and glitter...

That is the utter beauty of the creative process for me. Start with a vague plan and allow the project to    e  m  e  r  g  e.

 Now to indulge in a lovely 'frame' for the winter scene,
starting with this wonderful Rubbermoon ink splatter stamp! 

how about a border pattern using only the top half of this Rubbermoon Diamond stamp?
oh yeah...

how fun is this???????

I use this vintage letterpress 'O' stamp (below) to make some scallops
above the half-diamond border. Then I use the other end of a paintbrush to further define and connect shapes.

allow to dry about 2 hours, then lightly sand any sharp points.

paint the 'frame' metallic gold
and sides too...

fill in your 'center image' with light wash of acrylic paint. I used 2 of my favorite colors, aqua and periwinkle, then I gently rubbed the color off  to soften it.

add a realistic aged patina to the 'frame' by smudging Rangerink Distress inkpad on raised surfaces.

now it's just refining the details...draw a black border around scene. I used a sharp charcoal pencil for a 'hand-drawn' effect.

* Charcoal can also add subtle shading to your scene, settling into tiny crevices, and lifting off raised parts.

Then.............can't resist  .........MUST... ADD... SPARKLE!!!!!!

I glue tiny swarovski crystals to the sky.......


dust a bit of Martha Stewart fine glitter into the scenery

then, yellow winter sun, a tiny red glitter heart, some snow-blob-doodles


ok, so I didn't get to incorporate the fun vintage undies advertisement into this project...there's always next time....

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  1. You knocked it out of the park. I loved seeing the composition E M E R G E. Your touches just finished it off nicely. WOW.

  2. AMAZEBALLS! SO SO COOL! YOU SPARKLE!!!! It looks just like your unique STYLE!

  3. So very creative - love the sparkles you have added, too. :)

  4. So very lovely!
    I love how you achieve texture with the modeling paste and stamping!!
    Thank you for the wonderful tutorial!

  5. My husband just saw it and said , "Wow"! That's cool! RubberMoon has a really great team"!!
    why, thank you, YES we do!! :D

  6. Great tutorial - and great use of stamps.

  7. oooooh....I need modeling paste! and stamps! and distress ink pad! thank you, pal!

  8. This is so inspiring! I forget to use my modeling paste so many times, so thanks for the push to get it out and play! It snowed here last night, so today is a good day to make art I think!

  9. Beautiful project! I enjoyed seeing your creative process.

  10. What a cool project! I love how you explained the whole process.

  11. Oh my goodness! Simply magical! Am sitting here drinking my morning coffee and.....boom! I'm inspired to get busy creating! Hats off to Lori and RubberMoon! LOVE

  12. Thank you all so much for the encouragement...every single one of you are an inspiration to me, truly! xoxo merci' merci' merci' !!!!!

  13. Wow I am so in awe of this! What a terrific job.