Thursday, November 7, 2013

Moonlight Vintage Trailer Holiday Art

Paint Over Collage Art
I had so much fun creating this small Holiday piece of Art.  I found it only fitting that my first blog post as a Rubbermoon Creative Team member be one including a Vintage Trailer traveling under the starry Moon. Please follow along and I will demonstrate my ideas and technique.
I used just a few simple materials along with 3 Rubbermoon Stamps. This very cute tiny 3 inch Matboard Square came from a cool retailer, Inchie Arts LLC.  I coupled it along with a small wooden Easel making a fun display.  You can use paint, water color pencils, markers etc. to add color to your Holiday Art.
I will post the Rubbermoon Stamps used later in my demonstration.
Collaged Matboard

I feel that collaging underneath Art Work adds interest and fun to creating. For this piece I used Text from an Old Book and a Map of course.
Rubbermoon Stamps

The main Stamp in this Holiday Art is the wonderful Vintage Trailer: AIRLYTE

The second is a very cool Christmas Tree stamp: Tree w/ Lights db2590e.
Last but certainly not least is the tiny version of the very popular "New moon" These will be available on Rubbermoon Etsy Shop soon.
Be sure to lightly Gesso before stamping onto your Matboard.

Making it Christmas Art

Now comes the really fun part. Making it into Christmas Art of your own!  I did this by drawing a Christmas tree on top of the Trailer and adding a string of Christmas Lights to the side. I was very lucky to find the text, "Merry Christmas" from an old book and I pasted it to the matboard, outlining it using a graphite pencil.  After this,  just paint onto the Matboard or use markers to make it "your own" work of Art. I dotted the sky around the moon with a White Paint Sharpie marker to create tiny stars around the little moon.
Merry Christmas Vintage Trailer

Once again, a pic of the final piece. I had so much fun and hope you do too!
Until next time! -BARB


  1. So sweet and all in a tiny package. Love how you brought it to life! xox

  2. It is such a great project! The possibilities are endless! Thank you for such a wonderful and inspiring post. Love everything about it! And speaking of Love...I can see one of these with a Valentine camper too!

  3. So adorable and lovely, Barb!
    Wonderful layers!

  4. I love it! Thanks for the inspiration, Barb!!!! You're making me want to play with those Inchie Matboard Squares!

  5. Yup, this project is just so happy!!!!! I LOVE the (intentional?) symbolism of the MAPS under your trailers, and the WINGS on this trailer!!! Wonderful, Barb!!!! Thanks for the inspiration!!!!

  6. Quick and easy FUN! Thanks for a sweet little piece of inspiration for us.......I can see this as a Christmas card, too! Lovely idea.......thanks for sharing Barb!

  7. Thank you ALL SO Much for your Kinds words! My first Blog post on Rubbermoon and Cant wait until the next one! Thank you again for taking the time to comment. It means a lot!!

  8. This is just so darn cute!! I love this immensely. Great job!!

  9. Thank you SO MUCH EVERYONE for your kind words! xo