Monday, December 9, 2013

Encourage Creativity with Your Very Own Handmade Art Journal

List of Supplies Needed:

140 Pound Watercolor Paper
One Sheet of Patterned Scrapbook Paper
RubberMoon Stamps (Your Choice!)
Black Ink
Watercolor Paints
A Paintbrush
Glue Stick
A Laminator
A Hole Punch
Colored Album Rings
Embellishment (Yarn, Ribbon, Beads)

With the holidays fast approaching, I wanted to explore some handmade gifts ideas using my absolutely fabulous stash of RubberMoon stamps.  I decided to create a small art journal using kp5009 New Moon, kp5021 Make Art, kp5000 Cheering Section, kp5004 Airlyte, kp5003 Banner and Beret, kp5006 Shasta, kp5005 Teardrop, and kp5002 Heart Full among many of the other RM stamps in my collection.

Pre-assembled art journals leave little to the imagination.  I wanted something more personal.  Using a sheet of cold-pressed, 140 pound watercolor paper as the background, I took my stamps and created an interesting pattern.  My final design include 3 rows of 5 images. 

I then took my watercolor paints out and added color around each stamped image.  I used the brighter colors in my palette.  I tend to prefer pinks, purples, blues, greens, and oranges best.  You can use your own favorite colors.  After all, it's your unique creation!

Once the paint had dried, I flipped the paper over and glued a sheet of scrapbook paper to what would be the inside cover of the journal.  Using a pair of scissors, I cut the paper in half and used my laminating machine to create a glossy, permanent front and back cover.  (Make sure to cut off all the excess lamination from the top, bottom, and sides of the cover.)

I then cut 10 sheets of watercolor paper in half for the inside of the journal and hole punched everything.  After I was done doing that, I assembled the book by opening the album rings and slipping the covers and sheets of paper onto them.  Once everything was lined up properly, I closed the rings.

Here's what the back of the finished journal looks like:

I added some yarn to the album rings for some flare.  You can also use ribbon, beads, and charms to make it your own.  I thought of a million additional ideas for embellishing the art journal once I was done making it.

That's it!  Other than an hour of your time, this little gem costs nothing to create.  Think about all the people you can cross off your gift list this Christmas by making a few handmade art journals. 


  1. A GREAT idea and gift to make. We love the use of each stamp design too! Thank you for the inspiration!

  2. So adorable with all your stamps in their colorful frames. I like making my own too, now when my stamps get here, I have a whole new way to play with them. xox