Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Debra Valoff, O.M.G. (The "Original Moon Goddess")

As many of you know, Debra Valoff was the founder of RubberMoon Art Stamps. Debra began the company in 1993 and with help of other talented stamp designers, she created a wonderful business over the span of twenty years. As serendipity would have it Kae Pea bought RubberMoon from Debra in 2012. 

Debra is also an amazingly talented stamper and artist, apart from being just a really kind and generous soul. So generous that she has allowed us to use some of her Journal pages, using many RubberMoon Stamps, to share in this post. Her art has often been featured in Rubberstamp Madness. We are so excited to share some of her work with you. Such a feast for the eyes!

Debra's work is such an inspiration.Thank you again, Debra for letting us peek inside your journal. Stay tuned for another post and we will soon share some of Debra's Amazing Envelope Art!  

If you haven't the chance, check out  RubberMoon for all of your art stamp needs! 

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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Come Visit RubberMoon's New Digs!    

By now most of you have probably heard that Kae Pea and her family moved her studio, The Moon and The Maker and their stamp company, RubberMoon, to a new location nestled in the picturesque town of Louisiana, Mo. In April, the Powers' family relocated their home and business across town into a very inviting location that they have since settled into and call "HOME SWEET HOME"
Here are some pics of the art studio part of The Moon and The Maker. Kae Pea has surrounded herself with so many things she loves which inspire her to be so creative in her work. 

KAE PEA working her "MAGIC"
On the other side of the building are the "Nuts & Bolts".  The RubberMoon Stamp manufacturing. The stamp making process is set into motion after the final designs are completed, plates are made and then the stamps ship directly out after production. The quality and attention the RubberMoon Stamps are given goes unparalleled in my opinion.
New Employee LYDIA.  Works with a SMILE and a STRONG PRESSING ARM!
An important part of the process is indexing (stamping the image of the stamp on the stamp) every single wood mounted stamp. That is LOT of work too!  See how Kae Pea does it below.

VOILA'...A Stamp is BORN!

I hope you have enjoyed seeing a tiny glimpse into the world of The Moon and the Maker/RubberMoon Art Stamps. It is certainly full of Moon Magic that happens every day!  

If you haven't the chance, check out  RubberMoon for all of your art stamp needs! 

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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

           "Two Heads are Better than One"

Hello fellow RubberMoon Lovers! Welcome to "Wonderful Wednesday" here on the the RubberMoon Arts Blog. Each Wednesday, I will be bringing to you all things RubberMoon. Some posts will be packed full, while others may just feature a cool creation by some terrific Artists and other RubberMoon Enthusiasts. 

Last year I was lucky enough to take an online course which was a collaborative effort from Kristen Powers and Sunny Carvalho. The name of the course is/was TWO HEADS ARE BETTER THAN ONE. This class is still available for your enjoyment through the link above. Sunny has designed some amazing Stamps for RubberMoon and the class demonstrated to us how to use some of the Stamps to make whimsical and fun characters. We also incorporated some of RubberMoons classic stamps in the mix.

One of my favorite people and Artist, Maggie Barbour, also took the class. She was gracious enough to lend her personal art work to the blog today. This is actually a self Portrait of Maggie using the Sunny and RubberMoon Stamps. I JUST LOVE IT! It captures Maggie to a TEE! Below each image, I will attach links in order for you to purchase the very same stamps used in the creations.

Is this adorable or what?? Maggie used the Stamp..I ONLY HAVE EYES FOR YOU.  She also used a RubberMoon goodie designed by Marylinn Kelly named Star Spiral.

I will also share some of my work from the class below.

This piece used the following stamps. 

       The other stamps in this image are all a part of the 
KRE8TIV ELEMENTS COLLECTION designed by Kae Pea herself. 

                                   PONY TAIL
                                                    LITTLE FESTUS
                                                    LUCY BIRD
                                                    SMALL BUNTING

A pic of the larger stamps used in these creations. Yes, these are some nice BIG stamps! Trust me, they are so much fun to play with and no limit to the creativity. I highly recommend taking the "TWO HEADS ARE BETTER THAN ONE" online class.   You will not be disappointed. See you next Wednesday!!

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

                 Hello RubberMoon Lovers!

   It is Barb Rogers here, and it feels so good to be back on the RubberMoon Arts Blog! Actually, you will be seeing me on this blog quite often. Mr. and Mrs. Moon have asked me to be the "Social Media" Elf and help spread RubberMoon LOVE on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. 
   My journey with RubberMoon started a few years back. Kristen and I became friends before her family purchased RubberMoon Art Stamp Company. They started out on just a "shoe string" budget and I have watched RubberMoon, an already terrific and well loved business, grow even more by reaching for the "MOON". Of course this came about through  lots of hard work, talent, vision and persistence from the entire family. 
    I had the honor of being a part of the original RubberMoon Design Team. It was such a positive experience, and I loved working with so many other amazing Artists. I have also been lucky enough to be a part of the Rubbermoon Artist Team.  Since then, I have used RubberMoon stamps in many of my own original paintings and enjoy being part of the RubberMoon Mail Club. The paintings on this post are some that I have incorporated RubberMoon Stamps in order to help enhance my work. 
    I am so looking forward to seeing all of you here each week. I will share lots of stamps, old and new. I will be asking some talented people to share their own RubberMoon Creations.  I will also give you some glimpses into the everyday world of RubberMoon Stamps and also The Moon & The Maker.
    Thank you so much for reading this post and I will see you again soon!! 

Of course for all your Stamping needs visit RubberMoon for endless Creative Possibilities! 

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Blog Hoppin'

Welcome to the Inchie Arts and StencilGirl Blog Hop!

Hi, it's me Kae Pea! Owner and artist at RubberMoon.
We are so excited to be a part of this hop.
Here at RubberMoon we love Inchie Arts art squares and StencilGirl stencils!

I created a great piece of framed art using a few supplies and I wanted to share this fun project with you.

Here are the materials I used for my piece of art:
  • 4" Inch Inchie Art Square (I used white but other colors would be great too!)
  • Wheel In the Sky Stencil ( I designed this one but there are so many awesome stencils to choose from!)
  • gouache and acrylic paints ( I used my favorites but you choose yours!)
  • paint brush
  • baby wipes 
  • RubberMoon stamp "True Free Spirit" (this one is by Mindy Lacefield and there are so many more great sayings and images at!)
  • ready made frame with a 4 x 4 opening
  • black ink pad
1. Paint your Inchie Art Square with gouache*
(it is important to use gouache for this layer so you
can easily remove color with your baby wipe.
 you may use acrylic, but it will not come up as easily.)
2. Place the portion of your stencil that you want to use
over your painted Art Square and remove
color with your baby wipe by gently rubbing and patting.
3. Remove your stencil and now paint and stamp with acrylic
paints. I used some texture/mixed media stamps from RubberMoon.

Here is my Inchie Art Square...painted, stenciled and ready to stamp!

I used the "true free spirit stamp" I only used the words
"free spirit" by masking off the word "true"...
I placed my finished art into a 4 x 4 white frame.

Would make a great gift but also looks perfect in my studio!
Thank you for visiting! And thank you to Inchie Arts and StencilGirl for inviting us to hop!
StencilGirl Inchie Giveaway image
Leave a comment ON ANY (or all) of the blogs involved in the hop as your entry
We'll be picking one lucky winner to receive a 
$25 StencilGirl Gift Certificate and
1 package each of White 4", 3", ATC (2.5" X 3.5") and Swatch (2" X 4") size Art Squares!

All comments left on the hop list participants’ posts will be entered. 
One comment per blog. 
Comments close on January 30th @ 11:59PM Central.
Winner will be announced
 on January 31st.
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