Friday, November 17, 2017

Making Kawaii Charms using RubberMoon Stamps with Sandee Setliff

Kawaii Cute Charms
by Sandee Setliff

Supply list:
Shrink plastic film
heat gun
spatula, tweezers
acrylic block
fast-drying solvent ink 
color markers or pencils
RubberMoon stamps, any ones you like! 

Here are some stamps that I used: 

I love making shrink art! 
From tiny-house movement to miniature enthusiasts creating realistic micro worlds there's an undeniable appeal to that which has been sized down and shrunken to a fraction of its normal size. Shrink art satisfies my desire to keep up with this fascinating trend plus it's just plain kawaii cute!
If you haven't delved into this let me warn you it can be addicting! 

1. Prior to heating (either in the oven or with a heat gun) Stamp your image and then color in with felt-tip pens, acrylic paint, colored pencils, etc. and cut into shapes. Punch holes for charms now.

*Oily or waxy substances (crayons, or oil paint) will not work because they melt or burn in high heat. The finished piece will shrink to 1/3 the original’s size, but it will become 9 times thicker. 

(I love that the artwork will be brighter and bolder since they intensify: so use lighter colors.)

2. Preheat the oven to 325°F (163°C), then put your image into the oven on aluminum foil for 1-3 minutes or until it’s flat. Leave space between the pieces or they might stick together

You can also recycle plastic containers into custom charms
Cut shapes out of your #6 plastic container (look for the number inside the logo on the container)  For example, this is the kind of plastic often used in salad bar containers.

Enjoy the video and show us your shrink art!

You can use shrink art in many ways:

-Use them in your mixed media art

Here is a close up on the tiny medallions used as moon flower faces:

-Create your own wearable art:
brooch/lapel pins 

-add charms to:
wine charms 
gift tags

Thanks for stopping by! 

Take care and craft on my friends!
- Sandee

Friday, November 10, 2017

Kersten Christianson's Dreamy Gratitude Flag

Moon Gratitude Flags
by Kersten Christianson
#GratitudeFlag #Rubbermoon #Spirit


My friend Gloria inspired me to try this out.  In our play with Gelli Arts and paper, we used a cotton panel to clean off the Catch a Dream stencil before moving on to different colors.  What we discovered was a really sweet imprint of stencil upon cotton.  Because Gloria is a madly creative artist quilter, she went on to spend several days stenciling cotton panels. I returned to her house yesterday to make a few panels.  Upon hauling them home, I decided they would make a fine stretch of Moon Gratitude Flags.

Remember how fun it was to finger paint as a child?  Using a Gel Printing Plate is nearly as enjoyable and almost as messy.  Add colors of acrylic to the plate, blend using a roller, and lay down your stencils.  On top of this, your cotton panel.  Take time to press in and around the cut outs of the stencil so that the image prints fully.  Too much paint and your image becomes too saturated.  Too little paint and your image is not defined.  Gloria suggested I work with dots of paint to achieve best printing results.  You can see here that while the flag isn’t in its finished form, I am starting to match it up to other material to finish out the back.

Here’s a close-up to illustrate the number of colors used along with a more balanced use of acrylics.  Oh, that sweet face!

Here’s another flag pictured with possible material background.  Sometimes the project isn’t ready for completion, as in this case, but the stenciled panels were such a joy to create.  At some point, I’ll add a thin layer of batting between each flag and its background material.  From there, I’ll quilt patterns throughout and add finishing details:  ribbon, beads, bells.  These will be best displayed in an open window through which the wind is invited.

As planned, I used my sewing machine to adhere the flag panel to a pretty piece of batik.  On this, I also added two strips of glitter ribbon, beaded fringe and various beads and bells.  I also stamped “True Free Spirit” using Sienna Brown acrylic paint to the front. On both dreamcatcher and text, I painted a layer of fine glitter using Nuvo Aqua Shimmer Pens (Glitter Gloss). The flag spent the day in the sun and breeze.  And voila!  A perfect gift for a traveling friend returning home tonight.


- Kersten 

Friday, November 3, 2017

Shari Acuff Makes Happy Mail

The new Lori Sparkly Franklin stamp collection by RubberMoon is wonderful.  When I saw "Super Starling" riding the unicycle I instantly wanted to turn her into a slider card and add some google eyes! 
She is just so cute I can barely stand it.

Slider cards are really easy just hard to explain in words, hopefully the pictures will help if I’m not explaining it well enough. Before we get started, here's a supply list with everything you need to create this slider card: 

Supply List:
Black A2 card
White cardstock 4”x5 ¼” -2
Black Ink
Colored Pencils
Googly Eyes
Multi Medium Matte (Glue)
Foam Tape
Low tack tape
My Favorite Things – 
MFT-899 Surf & Turf (slider die)
Slider Elements

RubberMoon Art Stamps:

First I stamped the starling a couple times.  When coloring I like to stamp twice so I have one to test colors on.  I die cut the slider hole in the front of one piece of white cardstock. Using low tack tape, secure the slider hole in place on the backside.  Then stamp the background ground, flowers and cloud.  Color the background and Starling.  Glue on the Googly Eyes.

Once everything is colored, cut out the Starling, then reinforce the back of the unicycle with an extra skinny strip of cardstock. Glue the Slider Element to the back of the Starling in the middle of the stack of books. 

Now it’s time to put the card together. For the background remove the tape holding the slider hole in place and add glue to just the slider hole.  Holding it in place, center the background onto the black A2 card.  Lift the background back up leaving the slider strip in place.  Place the Starling right side down and lay the background right side down on top with the slider Element coming through the hole.  Add glue and attach a penny.  Add foam tape, double stacked, leaving enough room for the penny to slide freely.
Attach the background to the front of the card lining up the slider holes.

On the second white piece of cardstock I stamped a few more images from the Botanical Birdie set to put on the inside of the card.

Hope you like it.  Happy Stamping!  Send out some happy mail.
(The other night I was home alone and ordered a LOT of postage stamps. There are a lot of cute ones right now, including moons!)

Friday, October 27, 2017

The ARTmosphere....

WELCOME to The ARTmosphere! We are super excited to have revamped our 'Moon Blog. We have gone through some changes, let our blog 'go' for a while and then tried some other blog hosts. Ultimately, we decided this felt like the best fit and so here we go again. We have made some tweaks and changed the name but it still comes back around to the sharing of creativity and Moonbeams! 
We have an ALL NEW team of Creative SpaceCrafters who will get makey here every Friday!  Please come check in each week, beginning November 3rd, to see what's new and to be inspired.
Thank you for being a part of our orbit. We love you to the Moon and back!

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Friends of the 'Moon

Today is "Moon-Made Wonder-Full Wednesday"
I have some very fun and creative works to share with you from RubberMoon Stamps' Customers. 

These two Halloween treats are made by Lila Johnson. She is SO talented don't you think?

Donna Turner Gibson has such a way with stamping as shown above. I just love everything she creates! 

RubberMoon's silly and fun, Lydia Martinez Leal is also very talented at that! 

It is always so much fun to see what everyone creates!
Every month we will feature the work of RubberMoon's talented and loyal customers. If you would like us to feature your work, please submit your pictures to

Once again, check out for all of your art stamp needs. Thank you for visiting!

Tuesday, October 11, 2016



Any time I hear the words "Live Happily" or "Sparkle Like You Mean" it, I immediately think of fellow friend and artist, Lori Sparkly Franklin. Doesn't the name just put a smile on your face? 

Lori is a mixed media Artist who lives in Northern Minnesota. Her first passion is to paint on canvas, she also loves collage work in which she will uses reproductions of her original work together with vintage paper and creates new whimsical works of art, as shown below.

Prints of Lori's Beautiful Art work are turned into "Confetti Pasta" in order to create brand new Collage Works of Art. 

Lori also is a jewelry designer of her "Sparkly Necklace Collection". She incorporates Art with Vintage and also New Elements. So so cool.

  We both share a love for Backyard Birds, so naturally i am Crazy about one of Lori's latest original paintings.

Rubbermoon Stamps were lucky to have Lori as one of the first Design Team Members. The first two images are samples of her own stamp designs. You can purchase these wonderfully affirming RubberMoon Stamps by clicking on LIVE HAPPILY and also SPARKLE LIKE YOU MEAN IT.

I am sure you must be interested in seeing more of Lori Sparkly Franklin's work  at Sparkly Hearts Studio
Thank you so much Lori for allowing us to feature your beautiful work and your RubberMoon Stamp Designs.

Once again, check out for all of your art stamp needs. Thank YOU for visiting the Wonder-Full Wednesday Blog. Please come back next week for more fun!    -Barb                                 

Monday, September 19, 2016

          Lisa Lee of "Inchie Arts LLC" 

Hello! It's Wonder-Full Wednesday Blog Post from RubberMoon Stamps Art Blog! Today we are featuring a very special friend of RubberMoon. Lisa Lee, is the Owner of a very cool business, Inchie Arts LLC. She provides several different small size Art Matboard Squares  for all sorts of Creating using many types of mediums. I just love working with them! The possibilities are endless.

Lisa is also an accomplished instructor and artist. Below, I will share just some of her wonderful work that she created     using RubberMoon Stamps and her own Art Squares.               
                                          Trust in Your Crazy Ideas  

 Gotta Love the Lucy Bird Stamp! 

              An Awesome Exclusive Stamp previously offered                           through  RubberMoon's "MoonMail" club. 

               WEE BIRD  and Wishing You Lots of Happy
            These terrific stamps made into such a Fun card!

Inchie Arts matboard squares can also be purchased at the RubberMoon Website through the following Link.                                     

Above is just a small sample of Lisa Lee's Creations. She has been so kind to share with us today. I will be featuring more of Lisa's work in Blog Posts to come! 
You can Follow Inchie Arts LLC on their own Facebook Page.

Thank YOU for visiting the Wonder-Full Wednesday Blog. Please come back next week for more fun!                                     ~ BARB